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    What does Linda Arndt know?

    Maybe I was unfair about her culpability with the crime scene, and it's true she didn't get backup she requested, but she did nothing to mitigate or stop the damage either, before or after the discovery of the body. Yes I think she "knows" based on her instinctive feeling, reaction and...
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    James Kolar's New Book Will Blow the Lid off the JonBenet Ramsey Investigation

    I think people need to stop making a cruel accusation against Burke. There is no evidence implicating him and the idea of his involvement does not make sense. JonBenet's skull was fractured by a single very hard blow. I doubt any child could possibly make a garrote. If your son hit your daughter...
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    JDI - A Possible Prosecution?

    Also if it was an intruder, I think they were very close to the Ramseys. I doubt that the $118k can be coincidental. I think they would also be physically close by, because they may have arrived on foot, which would explain why they didn't want to remove JonBenet from the house, and I think that...
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    The Whites Party Photos and also When exactly did JBR die??

    Maybe JonBenet was killed around 2am when the witness Melody Stanton said she heard a scream.
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    What does Linda Arndt know?

    I don't think she knows. I think she thinks that her suspicion based on behavior at the scene is proof. If she hadn't allowed the crime scene to be so contaminated, maybe this mystery would have taken days instead of forever.
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    If your child was murdered

    Patsy Ramsey was a pageant mom and a Miss America wannabe, so I think her appearance was a constant preoccupation for her. That was a deep part of her personality. I'm undecided, but I don't think this vain behavior really counts as evidence against her.
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    JDI - A Possible Prosecution?

    Here are some of my thoughts: If the note was written after Jon Benet's death, it's more likely that the Ramseys are guilty. If an intruder killed Jon Benet, I have a hard time believing that they would stick around to write a long note. The writer of the note was not at all rushed. If an...