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New Member, from Eau Claire, WI

All the information on Onision and his Psychopathic tendencies & background are compiled under this twitter account posing as a parody: Feb 23, 2019

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    Eau Claire, WI
    Overactive mind, I like reading and watching true crime documentaries. If I could afford college I'd have gone for forensic investigation because my dream would be to cross reference the DNA of GG Allin's relatives with cold cases across the US.

    [I personally believe GG Allin was probably one of America's most prolific serial killers right under our noses and we all laughed at him and didn't take him seriously. He was arrested 51 times, mostly for sexual assault and battery. I don't think he's ever been a suspect in any cold cases cause he's white knighted behind a wall of fame, its no hidden fact that famous people get away with a LOT more **** than normal people do. (My favorite GG Allin interview is when he threatens to rape and kill the children of the parents in the audience, and displays some of the most severe Narcissism I've ever observed, and they all laugh at him and think he's joking. His parents named him ******* Jesus Christ. Read about his childhood and his arrests and tell me not to suspect him of heinous crimes.)

    I believe serial killers are out there hiding behind fame being idolized by hundreds of thousands of people! Instead of sending letters to police like BTK, SMART HIGH FUNCTIONING serial killers put references to their crimes in their music and it gets played on the radio and tons of people SING ALONG WORSHIPPING THEM!

    GG Allin [Musician]
    Jonathon Davis [Musician]
    Onision [Youtuber and literal Psychopath] (I've been watching/studying this man for NINE years. There are over 15 people missing and or murdered within 6 miles of his home, this is not a joke! This man terrifies me more than anybody on this planet!! He has ONE HELL of a background, he parallels MULTIPLE serial killers and he poses a very dangerous threat to society. He's a psychopath with a god complex, he has underage girls fly from out of country to his home for his Youtube videos and tells them not to tell their parents, I could go on for HOURS, and the side by side comparisons of him to Bundy and Ramirez are UNNERVING!)
    Jim Carrey [Actor and Sociopath. Faked his ex girlfriend's suicide.]

    These are my main focus. WTF does Jonathon Davis need embalming fluid and funeral home supplies for?! Read about that fucker's childhood, and GG Allin's. Oh my god.

    The only documented serial killer hiding behind fame was the Mexican wrestler chick who strangled a LOT of old ladies. I find these low non existent statistics hard to ignore or believe, and the fact that even if it was true these people could probably sue me for Defamation/Libel/Slander.]


    I may turn up drowned in the Chippewa River, Dell's Pond, or Half Moon Lake.

    I poke and probe too much and I believe its only a matter of time before I go missing and turn up drowned after 2 beers myself like the 15+ people before me from the Eau Claire & La Crosse, WI areas.

    Some nights I feel lucky to have made it home.

    I do have enemies and EVERY single drowning here in the La Crosse/Eau Claire area, sketchy or not, gets ruled as an accident.

    Potential Serial Killers Hiding Behind Fame:

    GG Allin, Alice Cooper, Art Garfunkel, Kurt Cobain, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Billy Corgan, Glenn Danzig, Dave Pirner, Jonathon Davis, Weird Al Yankovic.

    Actors (Serial Killers are actors to begin with, why not make a living out of it?):
    Quinten Terintino, Mcauly Culkin, CJ De Mooi, Peter Lorre, John Malkovich, Edward Norton, Jack Nicholson, Rowen Atkinson (Mr. Bean), Paul Ruebens (Peewee Herman), Jim Carrey, Rossanne Barr, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Hugh Laurie, Brian Dennehy, Christopher Walkin, Johnny Depp, Clint Howard, Elijah Wood, Gary Busey, Steve Buschemi, Don Knotts, Crispen Glover, Alec Baldwin

    Alfred Hitchcock, Rob Zombie, Quinten Terintino, Dario Argento

    ONISION (Please do some research on this guy!!! I've been observing him for 9 years, he TERRIFIES me!),
    Cyr, Shane Dawson

    Steve Irwin.
    I SERIOUSLY don't believe Australia's serial killer statistics.

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