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    WV WV - Jaleayah Davis, 20, Parkersburg, 19 November 2011

    I live locally and it seems this case was rushed to be closed. I think there is a lot more to it than the investigators say. I believe the people she was with have something to do with it. The explanation of her acquaintances and the police make no sense. Typical small town injustice!
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    PA PA - Eric A. Barnes, 27 - Pittsburgh, Allegheny County - 15 December 2020

    I haven't seen this one on Pittsburgh news stations. Anyone seen any details?
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    Found Deceased OH - Jerry Witten, 73, Lowell, 5 Mar 2020

    I have been watching our local news for updates since he went missing. So very sad. RIP, Mr. Witten.
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    CA CA - Bryce Laspisa, 19, Castaic, 30 Aug 2013 - #10

    I have always wondered if maybe he suffered a head injury, wandered away, and perhaps got a ride from someone passing through. Just have had a nagging feeling that he had memory problems from the accident and is living in a shelter or on the streets. Hope his family finds answers and peace.
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    WV WV - Jaleayah Davis, 20, Parkersburg, 19 November 2011

    I live close and remember when this happened. There were so many unanswered questions, phones which were not checked, and people not interviewed extensively as they should have been. When the news covered the story when it happened, people were thinking that there was so much more that was...
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    Found Deceased WV - Frank Holmes, 45, Short Creek, walking to Warwood and Moundsville, 28 Dec 2019

    What I had read was that he was sighted last in Bridgeport, OH (across the river from Wheeling, WV). If he walked Route 2, it is a pretty busy road from Warwood to Moundsville. There is also a walking and bike trail along the Ohio River that goes through Warwood and Wheeling but I am not sure...
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    PA PA - Tonee Turner, 22, Homestead, Allegheny Co, 30 Dec 2019

    If a tip led them to the Hill District, I am afraid this won't have a happy ending. That area is one most people steer clear of due to the high level of crime there.
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    Found Deceased WV - Amanda Presutti, Adult, Princeton, 1 June 2019

    My Grandparents are from the area and I lived there for almost 5 years. Did my student teaching at Thorn Elementary (Thorn Street). The area is a little rough.
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    GUILTY NY - Man, 33, claims 11 year old got pregnant from touching his clothes, Nov 2018

    He needs put in a cell with the largest, meanest bubba in prison. Hopefully, he will get what he gave a million times over again. Besides violating this girl, he has changed the entire course of her life. I am sorry, but what mother would allow her child at that age to carry a rapist's child...
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    Found Deceased TX - King Jay Davila, 8 months, taken by a woman from the car, San Antonio, 4 Jan 2019

    Guess this is what happens when one's family tree more closely resembles a phone pole. However, that would explain the level of intelligence we are dealing with here. JMO How could anyone harm such a sweet little guy?