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    IL IL - Lane Bryant Murders, Tinley Park, 2 Feb 2008

    What a horrendous crime--I hope Illinois still has the Death Penalty--Although I remember former Governor Ryan(who was corrupt and is in prison now himself) put a moratorium on DP cases--Hopefully, that is no longer in effect--What a nightmare for these poor victims' families
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    Illegal for restaurants to serve the obese

    ---ahahaha: "If there's skinny person and a fat person in the car"--good one blondie! just shows how dumb this bill is
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    Illegal for restaurants to serve the obese

    --well, the baggypants law was actually a good idea--I'm all for that, even though I haven't seen it down here much
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    Illegal for restaurants to serve the obese

    ahahaha--This is too funny--Don't they have better things to do than introduce these absurd bills/ and I don't think the restaurants would be too keen on losing their best customers--anyway, like others have said, if they can't eat out, they'll just gorge themselves at home--Another thing is...
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    Scientist: All Blue Eyed People Are Related

    Elizabeth Taylor's eyes were supposed to have been bluish-violet long ago--She did a movie a long time ago, about 1947,where she played the part of a turn-of-the-century large family--The film was in color and her eyes looked pretty amazing
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    Scientist: All Blue Eyed People Are Related

    --My mother has blue eyes, my late father had green eyes
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    Scientist: All Blue Eyed People Are Related

    --Welcome relative!--I have blue eyes myself, although they used to be bluer lol
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    Check out M. Jackson's kids without masks!!

    --"almost looks Asian"--same with derek jeter
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    Check out M. Jackson's kids without masks!!

    Well, of course those kids are not his, biologically--That's been known for many years--Which makes perfect sense(to him) because as he has tried to eliminate his black features for decades, it would make little sense for him to have black kids himself--He would never take that chance--He is a...
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    Actor Wesley Snipes Blames Racism For Tax Charges

    Bump It Up--looks like Wesley Snipes is going to do some prison time--Snipes is expected to face 4 to 5 years in Prison for massive Income Tax evasion, the conspiracy charge is the most serious--He hasn't paid any taxes in 9 years despite earning huge sums of money--lol what a greedy pig--have...
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    Heath Ledger has been found dead

    INSIDER reporting that Ledger was a rampant drug user, consuming Cocaine, Heroin, Methadone--sounds like he was just another druggie--and his heart and body had had enough--what a dummy lol
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    Angelina Jolie

    --agree--I like the dress long as she's wearing it and no one else is--She's my favorite actress--Loved the Lara Croft films!
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    Nigella Lawson: I won't be leaving my children a penny

    Well!--Nigella's cooking show is Patti's favorite on the Food Channel but after reading this, she won't watch her anymore--anyway,wow--I had no idea that beautiful(although she's packing on the pounds as of late) Nigella was so rich--She certainly married well--I am sure that the kids education...
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    Christian Brando Dead

    Good--I hope he IS dead--He shot his sister's boyfriend right in head, killing him--and because he was Brando's son, he only got a ten year sentence
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    Bypasses are better than stents

    --My mother has two stents also--She got them last June--She didn't have a heart attack but they found 2 arteries 99% blocked--but unlike your mother, my mother did NOT quit smoking, she still does not eat healthy, and she still won't look at labels--My mother needs some of your mother's common...