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    Aggravation phase #7

    Looks like the murderer has been practicing her "sad look" over the weekend. She's doing the chin quiver almost like a real human would do it.
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    Closing arguments- thread #174

    WAT said that juror #8 was in the court room sitting where tri-color sat. Does anyone know where she sat? Was it behind ja's mom nearer to the wall?
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    a view from the inside: observations from our own court observers #9

    I hope you are right. This question has me worried. I took the question as someone asking "Since the only people you have seen with frontal lobe injuries are the ones that died, maybe there are survivors out there that you don't know about? In other words, you only know the ones that didn't...
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    State rests rebuttal case - thread #167

    I just started listening to the trial today and Wilmont's voice, and demeanor, feels angry. Did I miss something? When Dr. Demarte was on the stand did she embarrass Wilmont? A lot. JW's whole line of questioning seems to be a great big naa naa naa naa boo boo to Dr. Demarte. It feels...
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    State rests rebuttal case- thread #164

    I hope JM can bring up what an incestuous little group the DT psych "team is". I'll quote you if you quote me. I'll make you look good if you make me look good. I'll tell everyone you're brilliant if you tell everyone I'm brilliant. I would have given the DT "shrinks" more weight if they...
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    trial day 51: REBUTTAL; #158

    Sorry, I should have explained better. I meant Wild about Trial. It's a live feed of the trial. As for Vinnie, Nancy, and JVM....I don't have to watch HLN and listen to them anymore. No more "bombshells" or Nancy with her finger in her ear tell us testimony has resumed when court is no...
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    trial day 51: REBUTTAL; #157

    I think JW is purposely distracting Jodi. Too bad, I would like to see Jodi's reaction to Deanna's testimony just to see why JW is doing this.
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    trial day 51: REBUTTAL; #157

    OK. The court is on lunch break. Nothing going on at this minute. If the mods have to delete this I will understand. I don't usually make personal comments.....BUT......what happened to JW's bald spot?
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    04/22/2013 - waiting for rebuttal to continue

    I sure hope Juan :please:brings that up if/when he questions this guy.
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    04/22/2013 - waiting for rebuttal to continue

    I wonder if they site each other as sources in their books. Of if they quote each there. I'll never know because I'll never read their books, or articles, or anything.
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    a view from the inside: observations from our own court observers #9

    Oh my goodness! I will be praying for you to get healthy and to keep your spirits up. Good luck to you Katiedid2.
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    trial day 50: REBUTTAL; #153

    I agree. JA is having the time of her life.
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    trial day 49: REBUTTAL; #150

    Is an expert witness,in this case Dr. JD, allowed to do research overnite the accuracy of the defense attorney's statement. Or allowed to refresh her memory concerning the authors and articles she has read?
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    Jodi Arias Legal Question and Answer Thread *no discussion*

    My question is about the closed hearings like the one they had today. Will the transcripts of these hearings ever be released? I'm curious to know what goes on behind closed doors. Thank you in advance.