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    CO CO - Roger Ellison, 17, Cedaredge, 10 Feb 1981 #2

    I have not read this thread for some year or perhaps even two years now, hence am not sure if I ever brought it up, but I always found it extremely strange that the authorities who decided to use ground penetrating radar on the garage floor of the suspect and detected "anomalies" underneath it...
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    OH OH - Brian Shaffer, 27, Columbus, 1 April 2006 - #2

    Could you link to the post where this scenario was discussed, that he may have been abducted by aliens? Sounds interesting. Were they legal or illegals?:P If no one on the other hand ever suggested it, there is obviously neither any reason to even bring the scenario up as a comparison, as it is...
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    ? Jason had both a drivers license and a car, however the car was at the repair, which was the reason that he had to arrange for a pick-up.
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    I tend to agree with Ekardh on this. Of course I don't know about others, but had I been a neighbor looking out, or been walking on the road and just happened to cross track with Jason with so few other people, I had definitely remembered it even many years later, although perhaps some minor...
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    Well, according to the interview with Kelly, all the people at the work were 'definitely cleared' already early on into the investigation as having nothing to do with his disappearance. I know that it is not always a 100% guarantee that someone is cleared, but I think it at least gives a very...
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    Which I neither did? I simply just described him the way he had been described by his family; as trusting, not streetwise and preferring to see the good in people, which is something very different to being infantile. It simply just in varying degrees increases the likelyhood for a person with...
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    Jason was described as being very trusting and "not streetwise" and as a person who "preferred to see the good in people". In other words, also most likely easily lured. He was also described as looking younger than his 19 years, and we must in this regards keep in mind that it generally tends...
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    It was too late for me to edit and add the following in the previous post, so I take it separately like this. I am not sure exactly how you mean with "snatch and grab". Do you mean someone who jumps out of a car and grabs a guy by force? Or do you just refer to a sudden approach, but without...
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    And after so many days it also becomes dramatically less likely that even search dogs will be to any sort of use any longer, which they however had been if they had been called in within days of him going missing (pressuming it hadn't been raining soon after the disappearance). As a matter of...
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    I have not wanted to bring this topic up because of the nasty nature of it, but, as you bring it up now, it could just as well be said that in the type of crime where someone fatally falls victim to a murder inside the home of the perpertrator, one of the repeatedly used methods of disposal is...
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    CA CA - Michael Negrete, 18, Los Angeles, 10 Dec 1999

    Thank you, dotr, for that oudraft from the LA times. That was actually to a lot of help, because here we could read that the possibility of an accident at the construction site had been considered, wherefore consequently also every construction site were searched through, but without anything...
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    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    Ekardh's suggested scenario about someone giving a false pretence of having to stop by their house for some errand and lures Jason inside, is absolutely a possibility, as that is a tactic that has been used before. I for example immediately came to remember the murder of teenager Daniel...
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    VA VA - Darren Hillis, 14, Norfolk, 12 March 1973

    Some information from Wikipedia regarding the photograph: Oh I think I actually remember that one......! A very good find and there might indeed be a connection, although I do not believe it is the boy in the photograph...
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    CA CA - Alan Soper, 22, Sacramento, 7 June 1974

    Thanks. I wonder what it was that made them decide to re-exhume the remains again. While a bit different, it yet somewhat reminds me of another case, where a victim of serial killer Dean Corll had been misidentified as that of another boy, who ironically was also a victim of Corll. The...
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    MN MN - Brandon Swanson, 19, Marshall, 14 May 2008

    Now I found what you meant. No idea, but some posters are saying that the "Tiger" refers to a mascot, and that Brandon's High school where he graduated is located on Tiger Drive...