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    OH OH - Brian Shaffer, 27, Columbus, 1 Apr 2006 #5

    New billboards have been put up in various locations around Columbus reminding people that the anniversary of Brian's disappearance is approaching. This has just been in the past few days. Not sure who funded them but a good reminder that he hasn't been forgotten.
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    OH OH - Chillicothe/Middletown Missing/Murdered, Possible Serial Killer

    There seems to be a recent uptick again in missing women in the area - Lindsey Schobelock from Chillicothe, Carrie Ann Neal from Ironton, and I thought I had heard of another recent person from Portsmouth as well.
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    OH OH - Brian Shaffer, 27, Columbus, 1 Apr 2006 #5

    Absolutely there should be questions. That is not at all how I thought footage was investigated. Seems to me it shouldn't be routine to do it this way.
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    OH OH - Brian Shaffer, 27, Columbus, 1 Apr 2006 #5

    One item from last night's show that has nagged at me all day: There was only one detective who viewed the security video in his home from a projector onto his basement wall? Is that correct? I have long assumed that a team of video specialists poured over and analyzed it, comparing notes and...
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    Deceased/Not Found CA - Heidi Planck, 39, left son’s football game in Downey, dog found in Los Angeles, 17 Oct 2021 #4

    No, I don't believe anybody is shaming her here. I mean in the filed documents, he is clearly trying to use mental illness as a reason to gain full custody, citing that she checked herself into a hospital. If that is the case, then she sought treatment when she needed to rather than be forced...
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    Deceased/Not Found CA - Heidi Planck, 39, left son’s football game in Downey, dog found in Los Angeles, 17 Oct 2021 #4

    Just a few thoughts I have so far: The released documents are the ex-husband's accusations and his point of view. I'll take it with a grain of salt. Secondly, I really wish our society would recognize that checking oneself into a mental facility should be encouraged as needed instead of...
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    Found Alive OH - SPC Michaela Nelson, 26, Army National Guard, Dayton, seen at Columbus airport, 26 Oct 2021

    I'm from Columbus and this is the first I've heard of this young woman's disappearance. It's not been covered in our local news at all. Very strange.
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    Found Deceased FL - Tristyn Bailey, 13, St Johns Co, 9 May 2021 *14 yo Arrested*

    As a psychiatric nurse of over 25 years, I will give him this: The initial rocking that he displays is actually spot on. Rocking can be a self soothing habit that many highly anxious and mentally ill people display. That being said, the strange looking around in bewilderment, seemingly...
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    OH OH - Brian Shaffer, 27, Columbus, 1 Apr 2006 #5

    I agree with everything you said but is there any reason to believe he didn't leave out the back door, turn off his phone to avoid his friends and go home? He could've made it home and slept it off. I could be WAY off on that but I've never seen proof that he didn't make it home that night...
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    OH OH - Brian Shaffer, 27, Columbus, 1 Apr 2006 #5

    Is it possible that Brian made it to his apartment that night? Could he have left through the back (employee/band) exit to ditch Clint and Meredith, maybe looked briefly for Brighton and her friend, and eventually took the alley ways home? For all anyone knows, he could've met with foul play...
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    OH - James Hutchinson, 6, abused, thrown in river, Middletown, 28 Feb 2021 *GUILTY*

    As a psychiatric nurse in the state of Ohio, I can assure you that you're right. I work in a state hospital and have been there for almost 25 years. I have patients who have been there locked down since the early 80's after being found not guilty by reason of insanity. Many of those would've...
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    WA WA - Logan Schiendelman, 19, Tumwater, 20 May 2016

    True Crime Garage covered this case a few days ago. About to listen now.
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    Deceased/Not Found OH - Tyler Davis, 29, Columbus, 24 Feb 2019 #3

    I agree with you 1000%. I'm at Easton frequently and my daughter works in the town center. I'm a worry-wart when it comes to her and always encourage her to have a security guard escort her to her car after dark. It's a nice place to shop the vast majority of the time but there are robberies...
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    OH OH - Brian Shaffer, 27, Columbus, 1 April 2006 - #4

    It seems to me that if law enforcement has established for sure that he walked away, which is his right to do, they would've alerted the public that he is safe but doesn't want to come home to not waste resources and save his father, girl friend and others from always wondering. I think they...
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    NC NC - Asha Degree, 9, Shelby, 14 Feb 2000

    Her body was never found but there were animal bones found near the buried trash bag containing some of her belongings. I have never heard what type of animal they turned out to be.