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    AK AK - Anchorage, WhtMale 439UMAK, 25-40, naked, fell from flagpole, Aug'89 Name: Keith Nevil Brown Case Classification: Missing Missing Since: 27 July 1989 Location Last Seen: Wyong, New South Wales, Australia. Physical Description Date of Birth: September 11, 1965 Age: 23 years old Race: White Gender...
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    Identified! ME - Frenchville, 'Baby Jane Doe', WhtFem Newborn, UP15152, in gravel pit, Dec'85 - *Arrest*

    WOW. I'm in shock. I just saw the identification on the Unidentified Wiki and my mouth hit the floor.
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    OR OR - Rebecca Kathleen Reid, 37, abducted while working at store, Eugene, 1997

    The height is WAAAY off so I doubt it's her. But what do y'all think? 551UFCA
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    CT CT - New Britain, B & M RR Tracks, Wht/HispFem 25-35, UP8821, Skeletal, unique teeth, white sun dress w/ panda bear pattern, Oct'91

    Rosa Maria Valentin, 16, Hartford, 26 July 1986 Rosa Valentin was last seen on July 26, 1986, walking home from work. Witnesses told police that she was picked up by a Hispanic man driving a white Ford Mustang Cobra. She was never seen again. She was seen with registered sex offender, Pedro...
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    CT CT - Rosa Maria Valentin, 16, Hartford, 26 July 1986

    I have submitted the Jane Doe to the police. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon.
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    CT CT - Rosa Maria Valentin, 16, Hartford, 26 July 1986

    Body found in New Britain (the town of where the sex offender lived) in the early 90s could be her. If she was held for a few years, that is. 705UFCT They sequenced her DNA and found the following surnames The names include: Acevedo, Aviles, Badillo, Cajiga ,Calderon, Camacho, Cardona ...
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    FL FL - Port St Joe, 2 Children 96UMFL & 66UFFL, bound & gagged in photo, Jun'89

    I believe the photo is more likely than not to be willing participants in a joke Look at the position of the book. It looks like she was reading it and put it down to do something else, like to make a funny photo Plus, we only see tape over their mouths. We don't see anything binding them...
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    AZ AZ - Tia Payne, 18, Phoenix, 30 September 2009

    Never mind Please delete comment
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    What does not sit well with me

    The prank obscene call Was it just a random acting like an the day after these girls go missing and did not know about the girls? If the caller was the man who made the phone call, how would the caller who made the obscene call know someone was in the house? These are the days...
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    AZ AZ - Tia Payne, 18, Phoenix, 30 September 2009

    Glad to hear! Thank you for keeping us updated! You are doing nothing wrong. In fact you should continue to speak with them more. Don't let them forget about Tia.
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    AZ AZ - Tia Payne, 18, Phoenix, 30 September 2009

    You're kidding me. A murder isn't something that police shouldn't forget.
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    AZ AZ - Tia Payne, 18, Phoenix, 30 September 2009

    Howdy there, WH48! Long time no see! It's a possibility. You should forward the information to the police. Even if it goes nowhere it will get some eyes on Tia's case.
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    CT CT - Lewis “Billy” Hogan Jr., 28, Danbury, 2 May 1972

    The plane is unlikely to be on Mount Waldo. It's traversed regularly. It would have been found by now. Looking at it thru Google earth the woods aren't that thick. It's easy to see the ground everywhere on the mount.