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    OR OR - Sigmund Myers, 44, Portland, January 1st 1920

    Here's an article from 1915. Seems he went missing in February of 1915, a bit earlier than the family says now. He was apparently a patrolman. The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon on April 10, 1915 · Page 2
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    NJ NJ - Charles Preuster, Bradley Beach, 30 March 1921

    Preuster didn't stay a missing person for long. Turns out he was crooked and helped bootleggers. Went to prison. Trenton Evening Times 07 Jul 1921 pg 14 Crooked Dry Agent -
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    MI MI - Arthur Ream, Convicted Rapist/Murderer & Suspected Serial Killer

    This is how you get shanked in prison.
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    UK - Were the boy princes murdered in Tower by King Richard III? - 1483

    I lean towards them being still alive - but sickly and relatively incapacitated - hence why Richard couldn't produce them. They couldn't leave. Richard III had already gotten them declared illegitimate through the Titulus Regius. Thus, they weren't eligible for the throne. Additionally, they...
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    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - #14

    There wasn't an egregious amount of alcohol. Again, the amount is what you use to make ONE cocktail.
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    NY - Rashawn Brazell, 19, found dismembered, Brooklyn, 14 Feb 2005 *charges dropped 2023*

    To those of you who guessed the perpetrator was a serial killer - good guess!
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    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - #14

    She bought a couple of bottles of liquids, including vodka, that would amount to one cocktail. She bought the ingredients to make one. Basically, she seems to have been wanting to make her own cocktail - and there was only enough for one drink anyway. The alcohol isn't significant IMO.
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    Missouri - The Springfield Three--missing since June 1992 - #7

    Kathlee is a devotee of the utterly ridiculous hospital theory, so IMO she has no credibility.
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    OH OH - Chillicothe/Middletown Missing/Murdered, Possible Serial Killer

    In my opinion, there is no serial killer here. The autopsy results came back, and... -Lynch and Sayre overdosed -Himelrick drowned, likely a suicide (people commit suicide a lot close to the New Year) -McCrary killed Claytor Lemons and Trego are still missing, but we literally have no...
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    SUSPECT: Anthony Allen Shore

    Among his last words: "There is no others." I guess that means there were only four victims after all...
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    SUSPECT: Anthony Allen Shore

    Shore will be executed today at 6 PM - less than an hour from now.
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    TX - Terri 'Missy' Bevers, 45, killed in church/suspect in SWAT gear, 18 Apr 2016 #43

    Also, (vi) the culprit seems to be aware enough of how the FIL walks to be able to mimic it. Either the perpetrator personally knew Missy, or he/she had been stalking her for a while.
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    MD MD - Hadden Irving Clark, Transvestite, Cannibal

    You're not making any sense. "Life of leisure" you want him to be executed. "How many others were there?" Well, if he's executed, there will be no way of knowing, now will there? Make up your mind. These statements are mutually exclusive. P.S. Capital punishment was abolished in...
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    Identified! Oh - Eastlake, Whtmale 454umoh, 70, Alias 'jnchandler Iii', Jul'02 - Robert Ivan Nichols

    There's an update, courtesy of James Renner, on reddit: -It is now almost certain that his surname is Nichols/Nicholas, etc. -He is believed to have/have had family in Tulsa or OKC.