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    WA WA - Reuben Lewis, 20, Everett, 21 Feb 1991

    i think i'll sleuth around the net for reuben as long as i live. his family are such awesome, wonderful people who love him deeply. i always hope for the best and pray that at some point, the answers will come for his loved ones. they deserve that much.
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    Unidentified Victims Rule Outs -MERGED-

    thank you for your hard work. you are truly an angel of this world. samantha.
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    GUILTY NV - O.J. Simpson charged in Las Vegas armed robbery, 2007

    I squealed with delight when I saw Marcia Clark sitting on the front row at his hearing!!! :laugh:
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    Wal-Mart quietly pulled dog treats

    They should be pulling their "ol Roy" dog food line off the shelves, too. That mess made my dog so sick. :twocents:
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    TN - Chris Newsom, 23, & Channon Christian, 21, murdered, Knoxville, 6 Jan 2007 #1

    I've always been staunchly against the death penalty. This case has given me pause to reconsider my conviction.
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    Madeleine McCann 3 year old missing in Portugal - Part 1

    Sorry, Ireland, but strip away all the layers of this story and we're left with the truth: She'd be with her family today if her family hadn't left her alone.
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    Contacting the Media??

    (I hope this is the right forum; please put it in the right place if it isn't, thanks.) Have you ever contacted the media about a cold case? What was the outcome? Was it difficult to convince a journalist or reporter to profile the case? I'm looking for a wide range of experiences. I'd like...
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    Bullying Teen Gets Public Punishment

    Now THAT is good parenting. :) Kudos to this mother.
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    Me to Sharpton: You're FIRED!

    The whole magic underwear thing is something I'll never understand, but Mormons are good people. They believe in God and they are Christians. They keep to themselves, they make their faith a top priority in their lives, and family is everything to them. Fat Albert could learn a thing or two...
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    Iran warns women over slack dressing

    You obviously cared enough to respond. :razz:
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    l a county murders

    The good news about this case is that some of the people have actually been located alive.
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    FL FL - Tammy Leppert, 18, Cocoa Beach, 6 July 1983

    Hi, Suzanne. The Doe Network has a great resource available for you. They have a database of unidentified victims sorted by state. Click on "unidentified victims on the left menu. It will take you to a page where you can choose to list them geographically. There are a lot of them so if you...
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    WA WA - Reuben Lewis, 20, Everett, 21 Feb 1991

    OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! Honestly, thank you so, so much. I have been searching high and low for *anything* like this. How did you find this? I looked there earlier in my research and found nothing. :blowkiss: