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    What Will KC's Reaction Be When She Sees TL at Trial

    It would be interesting if Tony brings a new girlfriend to support him. I do not believe Casey believes that a male could be interested in a female other than her! She needs some doses of reality, in the fact that the whole world does not revolve around her.
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    2010.04.20 Levi Page article~"Don't clear Ronald Cummings yet!"

    Levi, the beauty of you is that you are not swayed by famous opinions! You have your own investigative mind and you go full throttle with it. I for one, am so glad that Ron has not beguiled and bamboozled everyone. The true sociopath is a master at that. Keep on doing what you are doing and...
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    Forensic Astrology - CAYLEE ANTHONY Reported Missing 7/15/2008: #13

    Is there any way to tell by a chart if the defense has serious regret about asking judge Strickland to step down from this case? Are they sweating now that Judge Perry has taken the case? thanks!
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    Support Thread: Judge Strickland

    The honorable Judge Strickland , Blessings to you! Your patience and fairness throughout the "not ready for prime time" antics will be missed.
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    2010.04.19 Judge Strickland IS stepping down

    Casey is going to think that Mason is now godlike. In the little balloon over her head --"wow, this new attorney of mine got rid of the judge in one motion!"- For purely selfish reasons, I do hope Perry allows cameras in court to watch the balloon deflate.
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    2010.04.19 Judge Strickland IS stepping down

    So what do you think Mason will do when Perry puts him in his place?
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    Defense claims judge had inappropriate convo with blogger?

    I think the defense has beat a good horse to death on this one. If only Judge Judy could take over...
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    Defense claims judge had inappropriate convo with blogger?

    It wasn't as if the judge and dave were sharing licorice. This is just too much.
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    2010.04.14 Search scene now a CRIME scene-Misty to testify against perp in plea deal

    The Annie Lei case comes to mind...Even the press conference about the "rumors". I cannot help but think Ron is going to be staying in jail for a long, long time.
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    Robyn Adams, Benhaida, and Derkovic Jail Calls

    Mr. Hornsby, Do you know if a professional graphologist's testimony could be used for the prosecution? Casey's handwriting reveals she is an immature liar who can control her emotions.
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    Forensic Astrology - CASE BRIEFINGS only - # 1

    Again, Thank you so very much for your time and dedication to this forum . I did have a question, there is a search being organized this weekend, is there any way to tell if she would be located on land or in water? Thanks so much
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    Forensic Astrology - CASE BRIEFINGS only - # 1

    Thank you very much for taking the time Leomoon,
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    Forensic Astrology - CASE REQUESTS only - #1

    ************************************************** LeoMoon has posted a chart in the CASE BRIEFINGS thread. Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - Forensic Astrology - CASE BRIEFINGS only *************************************************** JENNIFER ANDERSEN Date of...
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    2009.11.23 & 2009.12.10 Joy Wray Transcripts

    Next thing you know, Joy is going to come forward as one of Tiger Wood's alleged mistresses. This woman clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur.