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    Brandon Scott Lavergne - Guilty Plea and LWOP

    Apparently your not alone in your thoughts BayouBecky. My dear friend and fellow websluther, DesignLove mentioned that she was considering getting a small memorial tat as well. At first I thought it was a silly idea beings that we didn't personally know Mickey, but as she explained all of the...
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    LA - Mickey Shunick, 21, Lafayette 19 May 2012 - #25

    Unfortunately it crashes quite often. I just keep checking back and sometimes I get lucky!
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    LA - Mickey Shunick, 21, Lafayette; 19 May 2012 - #24

    I noticed CS has chest piercings. I can't recall exactly the pic I noticed them in but the are on both sides of her chest by her collarbones. Praying this isn't Mickey but sad for whomevers child, sister, mother or friend this is.
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    LA - Mickey Shunick, 21, Lafayette; 19 May 2012 - #24

    I agree. I also think that in order for something to "wash up" on the beach it would mean that it was thrown from a boat or bridge rather than right off of I10. Of course there may be a bridge that goes over this waterway. I'm not familiar with the area, just drove through it a few times but i...
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    LA - Mickey Shunick, 21, Lafayette, 19 May 2012 - #12

    First time post, be easy on me. I have recently started noticing every white vehicle around me and noticed this one today. Sorry if you guys have ruled it out already. Of course not this exact one, but something close. What made me think about it is that it also has writing on the side like a...