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    Lawyers texting in court?

    Yes this happened today. JA actually commented on it and JP said he doesn't care if JB is standing on his head he just wants to get the facts out (rough paraphrasing). I don't think the jury was present. I'm convinced LKB is texting JB in court and giving advice. I just don't think it should be...
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    Lawyers texting in court?

    Just wondering what others think about this because I think it's HIGHLY inappropriate and unprofessional ESPECIALLY at the podium! Am I alone in this? Why is the Judge allowing this?
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    2011.06.10 HLN News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    OMG! Wendy says on JVM that Prosecution alleges Caylee died on the 17th???? When did they say that? I've never heard that! She really needs to get her S**t straight she's driving me nuts!!!
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    2011.06.10 HLN News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    Unfortunately I'm starting to think the latter. Which sucks because I really used to like her!
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    2011.06.10 HLN News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    ITA with this! What is wrong with that woman? I'm starting to wonder if she has some kind of "personal issues" going on. She's totally confused and making absolutely no sense. It's such a shame because she used to be someone I looked forward to hearing from and seeing. Kinda makes me sad.
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    2011.06.10 HLN News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    I used to really like her and her points of view but I have to say what's up with her? Also her appearance has changed drastically. she used to be so pretty but now with the greasy face and puffed out hair. :crazy: I just don't know WHAT happened to her!
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    2011.06.10 TRIAL Day Fifteen (Afternoon Session)

    For anyone that had doubts yesterday about ICA's fakery please refer to "exhibit A" on your TV screens (i.e. ICA's monster face as she now views an image of her daughters skull).
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    What does the jury think happened today?

    True. I was just surprised, I thought it might be frowned upon and looked at as disrespectful on her part not to stand as the jury was leaving.
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    What does the jury think happened today?

    Just watched the "sick" raw video again and WHOA! Did JB actually push (coax) her to sit down with his arm while the jury was exiting? Did anyone else see that? It's around 5:14 on the video. It seems he wanted the Jury to know exactly why they were leaving early.
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    2011.06.09 HLN News Coverage - Caylee Anthony MERGED

    I just have to say, I've been an avid Nancy Grace supporter for years. It is through her show that I was first introduced to this case almost three years ago but I'm sorry to say that I haven't very happy with her show lately. The commercials breaks are horrendous! I feel like I'm watching a...
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    2011.06.06 Nancy Grace:Tot Mom Murder Trial Day 11: NG Live From Orlando 8 EST merged

    Don't know if it's just me but Nancy seems a little preoccupied tonight.
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    Linda Kenny Baden *MERGED*

    LKB?............No comment. :maddening:
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    Q & A for our NEWCOMERS! Ask a question and leave an answer! *NO DISCUSSIONS*

    Not a newbie here but I'm desperately trying to find the link to watch the March 2011 Pre-Trial. Can anyone direct me? TIA :)
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    Support Thread: Detective Yuri Melich

    :cheer: YURI, YURI HE'S OUR know the rest. A big THANK YOU and CONGRATS to YURI for representing our Caylee today! I was so impressed and pleased especially after the disappointment over previous testimonies today. YURI truly is a class act. Very professional, we couldn't...
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    2011.06.01 SIDEBAR THREAD Trial Day Seven

    Just when I thought it was going to be a boring, irritating trial day (compliments of LA), out comes YURI!:woohoo: By far the BEST witness! Talk about putting Baez in his place, lol! My favorite part aside from the "suicide" flub was the end.........simply "no more questions" LMAO :loser...