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    Found Deceased GA - Alvin Rowson Ahmed, 25, Loganville, 16 Jul 2018

    Praying this isn't him. Its VERY close! Body found in neighborhood lake in Gwinnett County, police say
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    5 Year Old Assaulted On School Bus

    For multiple days. Wow. You wonder, how? Was the bus driver ignoring it or just oblivious?!
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    CA CA - Pearl Pinson, 15, Vallejo, 25 May 2016

    Thinking of Peal. What in the world could he have done with her. :(
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    GA - Bridget Shiel, 19, found murdered in Atlanta park, 31 May 2016

    Bumping for Bridget. Someone out there must know something.
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    Unsolved murder map

    Incredible map. Good job! This definitely helps to locate patterns. Look at Hawaii, you can definitely tell where the Honolulu Strangler struck. Yikes.
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    Found Safe Brazil - Adam Heart, 39, Emily, 37, Colette, 7, & Sierra, 3, 29 Oct 2017 *Americans*

    FOUND! Also: Official FB find page ran by family: "US Embassy in Brazil confirms all the Harteaus have been found."
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    GA GA - Jenna Van Gelderen, 25, Atlanta, 18 Aug 2017 #3

    Yeah. Normal perps don't care to hang anything back up in your home. This case is rather cryptic. She was secretive. I feel like there's way more to it. I have a feeling they are waiting for her to maybe surface? That would be great. Wishful thinking. JMO. Sending the family the best. Her...
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    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - #13

    First. My opinion originally and gut feeling tells me she was in a really dark place mentally, she may have took sleeping pills and she may have mixed those with alcohol. After the wreck, she wandered further from the accident site than estimated and succumbed to the elements. Websleuths is full...
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    GA GA - Jenna Van Gelderen, 25, Atlanta, 18 Aug 2017 #3

    TYSM! Printed photo out a good straight hair photo of her. I have someone handing it out to ppl in club and music scene in THAT area, as well as other ATL areas...everyone here claims to be"music" - these people have a good pulse to whats going on in their "zone" - hoping the photos...
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    GA GA - Jenna Van Gelderen, 25, Atlanta, 18 Aug 2017 #3

    I want to know more about the traffic cams. Was someone riding in tandem with her on her trek back home to switch cars? The investigation is so fresh that LE will not be willing to share that info with us. They keep that info so tight to the vest. I am curious though. The house being in...
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    GA GA - Jenna Van Gelderen, 25, Atlanta, 18 Aug 2017 #3

    Hi everyone, im jumping in. Hope you dont mind. :innocent:Im trying to follow this case bc its local (atl) for me. That's a bad area where she was going in College Park and its a bad area where her car was found. JMO I think someone was in her parents home with her. I think they looked up, saw...
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    GUILTY GA - Natalie Henderson, 17, & Carter Davis, 17, murdered, 1 Aug 2016 #2

    Are these performances on youtube or her social media? IDK..havent been over there. Could he have searched them that way? Maybe it wasn't totally random. JMO
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    Found Deceased GA - Eva Fullmer, 21, Savannah, 10 May 2016

    That's a great clue! Passed in May...ok so she was most likely the car. JMO TY for the link and info! I've been wondering about her.