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    NC NC - Sherri Truesdale, 14, Winston-Salem, 13 June 1970

    I'm pretty sure they were not speaking of a mall as we think of today but instead meant the term as a strip mall. Winston Salem had plenty of those.
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    NC NC - Sherri Truesdale, 14, Winston-Salem, 13 June 1970

    She had received a scholarship to attend a summer fine-arts program at Mount Tabor High School. Sherri told her mother she was going to buy some supplies for school, scheduled to start the following Monday.
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    IA IA - Kenny Johnson, 14, Dubuque, 10 Oct 1987

    I would like to ask if there were any men in the mother’s life at the time of Kenny's death. Is it possible he made it back to the area he was from? It's common for a pedophile to watch movies and drink with their victims before killing them. I guess it just makes me feel like he was with...
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    TX TX - Three mummified infants found in crawlspace, Bangs, 2003

    Update DNA from two siblings has confirmed the babies were the children of James and Doris Bowling. Complete article can be read here.
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    MO MO - Jo Ellen Weigel, 18, pregnant, Lee’s Summit, 2 July 1970

    I never heard anything from Mike Klinefelter. But then again I didn't really expect to.
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    MO MO - Jo Ellen Weigel, 18, pregnant, Lee’s Summit, 2 July 1970

    As arrogant as the newspaper article makes Mike Cline sound... I decided to do a search online and see what I could find. Arrogant people think they can get by with anything. Armed with what we know from Detective Mike Klinefelter I found this man. 1. Michael L Cline -...
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    CA CA - Oakland, WhtFem 333UFCA, 16-25, strangled in hotel room, Oct'69

    This information was sent to me by someone who joined here and never posted... So here is the email I got in full: In response to questions asked in the forum/message boards. He was indeed charged with rape. This happened 3 or 4 years before the murder and shooting in North Fork. He and 2...
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    CA CA - Wineville Chicken Coop Murders/Disappearances, 1928-1930

    Pattycake thats a good thought... now you have me wondering :clap: Shadowangel this was about all I found on the law suit, The LA TIMES: 1941 - Mrs. Christine Collins filed suit for renewal of her $15,562 judgment against Capt. J. J. Jones, retired police officer, in Superior Court. It...
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    CA CA - Wineville Chicken Coop Murders/Disappearances, 1928-1930

    Shadowangel, I might of known you would get to this first. I just spent an hour researching it :crazy: Anyway my friend, I did find this little tid bit to add... true or not I don't know. In the end, Gordon Stewart Northcott and his mother were accused of sexually assaulting and murdering...
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    GUILTY UT - Anna Palmer, 10, murdered at her Salt Lake City home, 10 Sept 1998

    An "America's Most Wanted" segment ran on FOX in November 1998 explaining Palmer's murder and showing the composite sketch of the possible attacker. If anyone can find a copy of this sketch I hope you will post it... None of the news articles I found have the sketch. I don't understand...
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    GUILTY NC - Sgt. William 'Bill' Miller, 27, shot to death, Jacksonville, 16 Sept 1972

    Thats great news. It does give one hope that old cases can be solved. :) I hope the murdered Marine can rest in peace and his family now have some answers. This goes to show that even officers of the law can be guilty. I believe the overall majority of officers are fine people. But as for my...
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    NC NC - Sherri Truesdale, 14, Winston-Salem, 13 June 1970

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to give a small update. A member (Seifsister) here at WS has informed me that Sherri's family has given DNA that was sent to Texas to be added to a database. Like Seifsister says... lets keep our fingers crossed that they will find a match for Sherri and she can be...
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    NC NC - Phyllis Powell, 5, Woodland, 11 Jan 1963

    Hi Betty... that is wonderful to hear! I'm glad the family has given DNA. I keep thinking someday we will know what happen to Sherri or at the very least law enforcement may be able to return her remains to her family. Yes, I do live relatively close to Winston. I'm in Surry County, about 40...
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    NC NC - Phyllis Powell, 5, Woodland, 11 Jan 1963

    Hi Betty (Seifsister) Could you mention this little girl to the coroner you are talking to. I realize she is not in the right age range but she was small for her age. Sherri Lee Truesdale, Missing 13 June 1970 from Winston-Salem, NC Age at Time of Disappearance: 14 years old Height and...
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    Notes Of Sympathy For Tawni's Family

    To Tawni’s family: You’re in my thoughts and prayers tonight. I'm glad you finally have some of the answers you were seeking.