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  1. rats

    Found Deceased CT - Sherrian Howe, 21, car fnd, personal items at hotel, Manchester, 21 Dec 2021

    Manchester woman hasn't been heard from since before Christmas Family of missing Manchester woman organizing search Search for missing Manchester woman planned Sunday
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    Resolved WY - Sweetwater, "Bitter Creek Betty", Wht/HispFem 24-32, 213UFWY, rose tatt/jewelry Mar'92 - N/A

    Actually, an old Wyoming DCI poster states Sheridan Jane Doe did give birth at least once Log into Facebook I really hope that Bitter Creek Betty will be identified soon! (And Sheridan Jane too, of course!)
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    Identified! CT - Burlington, "Danny" tattoo, pond near cemetery May 2018 - Kelsey Mazzamaro

    thank you for the photo!! I appreciate that. I really wish this case would get solved…
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    MA MA - Granby, off Route 116, WhtFem 15-26, UP14969, shallow grave, clothes, gold ring, Nov'78

    Bumping for Granby Girl. It's been a while, still no new rule outs. Thinking of her today.
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    Resolved CT - Bristol, WhtMale UP82316, 55-60, skeletal, found in stream, Jul'21

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Demographics Sex: Male Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian Estimated Age Group: Adult - Pre 60 Estimated Age Range (Years): 55-60 Estimated Year of Death: 2021 Estimated PMI: 2 Weeks Cannot estimate height/weight Circumstances Date...
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    Presumed Located CT - Antonio Finklea, 37, Uncasville, 06 Jul 2021

    Here's the WS post for that John Doe -- JD is still available in NamUs. CT - CT - Uncasville, BlkMale UP82150, 35-50, "Tullamore" baseball cap, Jul'21 This has been linked before, but still has good information: Uncasville Man Reported Missing; Police Ask For Help Definitely doesn't fit John...
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    Resolved CT - Uncasville, BlkMale UP82150, 35-50, "Tullamore" baseball cap, Jul'21 - NamUs removed

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Sex: Male Race / Ethnicity: Black / African American Estimated Age Group: Adult - Pre 50 Estimated Age Range (Years): 35-50 Estimated Year of Death: 2021 Estimated PMI: 8 Weeks Height: 5' 5"(65 inches), Measured Weight: 116 lbs...
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    CT CT - West Haven, New Haven Water Co, WhtFem 18-30, UP9236, skeletal, possible arthritis in back, red Westclox folding travel alarm clock, Apr'79

    this is still the current rule out list as of today (oct 5, 2021). i was hoping we would have a few more rule outs by now...
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    CT CT - Granby, Enders Rd , *GRAPHIC*, WhtMale 18-30, UP10037, braided goatee, hair in ponytail, multiple scars, T-shirt w/ "FERGUSON", Sep'77

    another anniversary has come and gone for this guy -- i wonder if there's any hope of getting him sorted with genetic genealogy?
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    CT CT - Uncasville, wooded area near pkg lot @ Mohegan Sun Casino, AsianFem 45-65, UP58222, Poss name: Wa L Chan, Sz 5.5 shoes, green pendant, Apr'19

    this woman is still unidentified per namus. i hope she gets her name back soon. FYI, there are no rule outs listed.
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    CT CT - Middletown, UnsUnc UnkAge, UP81587, Left femur and a right ulna found in grassy area, Jun'21

    strange -- i can find no mention of this UID online at all besides this namus profile.
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    Found Deceased IL - Jelani 'JJ' Day, 25, ISU grad student, missed class, Bloomington, 23 Aug 2021

    oh no. i was really hoping for a good outcome in his case... this is so sad.
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    Found Deceased CA - Lauren Cho, 30, from NJ was visiting for 2 mos, Morongo Valley, 28 Jun 2021

    so odd that TR (the person who's house and/or airbnb she was purportedly staying at) hasn't said anything more considering he was one of the last to see her before she went missing... <modsnip>
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    Found Deceased IL - Jelani 'JJ' Day, 25, ISU grad student, missed class, Bloomington, 23 Aug 2021

    hopefully jelani gets home safe - ive been seeing his case everywhere.
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    CA CA - Hinkley, WhtMale UP2510, 12-30, 'DON' belt buckle, Oct'78

    Wonder why there is no recon?
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    Recovered/Located CT - Brian Lawlor, 26, Hartford, 20 Nov 2020

    Watertown Police Seek Missing Person 5'1 seems to be a typo - FB says 5'11. Watertown CT Police Department
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    Found Deceased TX - Kyle Rugg, 20, Livingston, 4 March 2015

    Bumping for Kyle. A sibling of his has been posting his missing poster to twitter, hoping that brings some more attention to the case for sure.
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    WI WI - Mackenzie Marken, 14, Weston, 12 Oct 2015

    bumping for mackenzie!!!