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    Found Deceased GA - Quinton Simon - Missing From Home - Mom ARRESTED- Savannah #4

    Did not see that coming - but then again not a surprise.
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    Found Deceased TX - Ridge Cole, 28, visiting for his child's surgery, Houston, 11 Nov 2022

    Site updates with "body found, identity pending". Still praying for all!
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    Found Deceased TX - Ridge Cole, 28, visiting for his child's surgery, Houston, 11 Nov 2022

    I saw the concerning comment @GuyfromCanada, but it seems to be walked back by (assumably) the wife, SC. Prayers, even though it doesn't sound promising.
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    Found Deceased FL - Axel Caballero, 3, Winter Springs, 13 Nov 2022

    He's been found, deceased, per the Seminole County Sheriff Facebook page. Condolences to all who loved him.
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    Hurricane Ian, Sept 2022

    I'm also in Sarasota county. Winds now picking up. Told the dogs it's last call for outside potty. Got to transition to indoor area. Still have power, but reports are that many don't. They even put up a graphic and said 100% power loss anticipated here. We have a generator, so should be...
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    NY - 3 people found dead in a house in Queens, ages 22, 55, & 37, stab wounds & head trauma, woman bound to bed, 24 June 2022

    The original article appears to be.update ... A POI has been identified, and is in custody.
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    CO, (Air Academy student) Riley Whitelaw found dead at Walgreens

    @PawneeDew - see this: ‘Blood everywhere’: Details on Walgreens murder scene No rumor, they worked together.
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    Found Deceased CA - Kevin Green, 37, from OK, driving to rodeo contest with brother, Oakdale, 7 Apr 2022

    RIP Kevin It sounds like he fell out while they were travelling. Wonder if there will be further updates?
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    Presumed Located MI - Matthew Niebel, 41, seen at a friend's home, Mount Clemens, Macomb Co, 28 Nov 2021

    Hmmm, this one will be tough. Does he have any reason to have travelled away from home? It's frustrating for us armchair sleek there when a person is not reported for months after their last seen date. He does seem recognized izable, especially with the described tattoos.
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    Found Safe DC - Kylee Palmer, 1, missing after mom fell out of 8th story window, NW, 21 Apr 2022 *Arrest*

    @GuyfromCanada - the link has been updated, and the child has been found safe! How horrific for the woman. Hope the suspect is prosecuted to the fullest.
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    Found Deceased TX - Robert W Moulds, 63, Lewisville, 2 Apr 2022

    Prayers for the family. At least they found him, as so many missing are never located.
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    IN- Carmel - Newborn baby safe after being placed in Safe Haven box

    So happy the safe haven boxes are being used! Very proud of those mamas who made such a difficult decision.
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    Found Deceased AZ - Dr. Lila Ammouri & Susan Frazier, sisters travelled to Switzerland for assisted suicide, 2022

    Maybe I missed something. When one uses a VAD clinic I presume some sort of arrangement is made for the deceased remains. What arrangement a were made for these sisters? It reads as if they were stored at the clinic?!?! Wouldn't one normally either cremate or embalming and transport the body...
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    FL - Two women murdered on Tamiami Trail on diff days, Sarasota, Feb-Mar'22 *Arrest*

    The name of the street is Tamiami Trail. There is no actual trail, like for hiking. Tamiami Trail is one of the main north - south roads along the west coast of Florida. It's also known as US41. Both women were found in the water.
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    FL - Two women murdered on Tamiami Trail on diff days, Sarasota, Feb-Mar'22 *Arrest*

    Both locations are within one mile of each other. The possibility exists that both bodies entered into the water from the same origin and could have drifted to either location, as they are "open" water. The 1900 body location seems to be up a canal / river, but it is right at the mouth - so...