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  1. White Rain

    Abc Viola Davis Reviewing Darlie's Case.....

    If there was enough evidence for her to get a new trial it would have happened by now! Darlie is on DEATH ROW! They keep claiming DNA tests and this and that will prove her innocent and yet NOTHING has ever come up. WHEN WILL IT???????
  2. White Rain

    For those who believe Darlie innocent - help me understand.

    I disagree as a mom of 3 kids. I know how rambunctious kids can be! The older kids were Darlie's problem. They were in and out, making messes, draining the water out of the spa, wanting friends over every day, friends that could make a mess and even Darin had stated her cleaning had become...
  3. White Rain

    For those who believe Darlie innocent - help me understand.

    see below, made a mistake posting
  4. White Rain

    Do you think Darlie premeditated the murders of Devon and Damon?

    Are you implying Basia or her mom? Even if not What "clues" have been explained?
  5. White Rain

    Darlie Routier on Death Row

    I feel bad for the little girl too... And feel sorry for her that her family is USING her like try and get sympathy for a cold blooded killer.
  6. White Rain

    NBC's Today’ Skips 9/11 Moment Of Silence For Kardashian Interview

    Oh wow pimp mama Kris is THAT important? Disgusting. I watched an episode of their show, I don't know how recent or so it was because I rarely watch, so bear with me here... But anyway Kendall and Kylie were whining about going to school, wanted to be home schooled...It all just looked so...
  7. White Rain

    John Edward's mistress writes tell- all memoir

    I don't know which of those two are more disgusting. That poor baby sure has some nice role models for parents huh?
  8. White Rain

    Adults/Children who have murdered their parents

    I just re-read my book on the Cheryl Pierson/Sean Pica case..... found this on youtube: drive-by video of the home where they did live....Cheryl and her family.... OLD PIERSON HOUSE,293 MAGNOLIA DRIVE,SELDEN,NY - YouTube I like the music, it was also played in "Cold Creek Manor..."
  9. White Rain

    Adam Sandler's "Middle School Statutory Rape" Comedy

    This just reached a new low, imo.....
  10. White Rain

    Adam Sandler's "Middle School Statutory Rape" Comedy

    I am glad I am not the only one who disliked this...I sure as hell won't watch the movie.... Adam has 2 daughters...I wonder how he would feel if one of their MALE teachers got them pregnant?????? Would he turn that into a comedy?
  11. White Rain

    Adam Sandler's "Middle School Statutory Rape" Comedy

    yeah I just don't like this. At all. LOS ANGELES – Adam Sandler’s comedy “That’s My Boy,” slated for release on Father's Day 2012, centers on a 13-year-old boy named Donny having a sexual relationship with his middle school teacher, resulting in a child. Read more...
  12. White Rain

    AZ - couple and her lover used Craigslist to find a dog for sex

    This story was bad enough on its own but did anyone other than me see that ladies (if you can call her that) resemblance to Myra Hindley (one of the Moors Murder's?)
  13. White Rain

    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - # 8

    $17 doesn't seem that high to me either.....not when most toppings are usually a buck a piece......and wings, OMG are those freaking things outrageous! This actually reminds me of a time when I called a local place (won't same name!) and I ordered for myself and a friend...well my friend wanted...
  14. White Rain

    State vs Jason Lynn Young: weekend discussion 11-18 Feb 2012

    Thanks JTF....I am trying to keep up daily, but with a 2 yr old it's impossible. I know I am missing alot . I want to watch the trial and my kid wants to watch Spongebob.....and on MY tv, not I just give up and let him do it. If I went and turned the trial on in his room and tried...
  15. White Rain

    State vs Jason Lynn Young: weekend discussion 11-18 Feb 2012

    I agree with Moonflower and Poppy.... Just the Fax, it doesn't mean we are wrong when we don't necessarily hear what you did......or that any of us should be told "we didn't want to hear it." We could very will think Jason is guilty and still not have heard what you did, or we (not me though)...
  16. White Rain

    Amanda Knox New Motivation Report RE: Meredith Kercher Murder #1 *new trial ordered*

    I myself didn't see any evidence against her....but to each their own. :cool2:
  17. White Rain

    CN - Baby mauled to death by husky used in family sled business

    I personally wouldn't leave a teacup yorkie, poodle, etc...alone with my baby. I wouldn't even leave a NEWBORN pup. I wouldn't leave A CAT..... Maybe I am over-reacting, but infants and small kids and animals don't mix. MOO
  18. White Rain

    Whitney Houston passed away on 2/11/12 - Part 1

    "My Love Is Your Love" lyrics by W.H. If I should die this very day Don't cry, cause on earth we wasn't meant to stay And no matter what people say I'll be waiting for you after judgement day......