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    MA MA - Michael Gray, 31, locked out of vehicle, called the police & given a ride, Peabody, 11 Dec 2022

    Because it says on the first article that he could be driving a Ford escape " Gray is described as a White Male, age 31, with long brown hair and blue eyes. We believe that he is operating a 2015 Black Ford Escape MA Reg# 7AF586. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked...
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    WA - Theresa Bergman (Found Deceased) and Charles Bergman (husband) - didn't arrive home to Moses Lake - 18 Sept 2022 *Arrest*

    It does look like, assumed by me, that they had an accident. The route they took needs to be searched. I am hoping they are still alive.
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    Canada- Boy wanted in four Toronto sex assaults on walking trails in the city’s east end, July 2022

    I've thought of this, however I think because he has had interaction with people they might have an idea of how he presents. I know even small people can be viewed, from afar, younger. I am guessing someone that is doing virtual learning, or even not going to school at all.
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    FL - Miguel Diaz Gonzalez, 40, Rape of 8 yr old child, “Satans Child” video online account, Orlando

    I almost glad that people are dumb enough to video themselves, I just wished they were caught before they committed the crime.
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    PA - (Mr.) Mamadou Kallie, 23 - Accused of HomicideS - Valley Township, Chester County - 29 May 2022

    yep, he must have searched them out. SO tragic. She did say everything was fine to the officer. Maybe he thought she made allegations towards them. How tragic.
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    GUILTY NY - Frank James, Brooklyn Subway Shooter, Multi Victims, Undetonated Devices Fnd, Apr'22 - *Arrest*

    So guy left his credit card behind!?!?! So I hope that means they know who they are looking for. I just hope no one else gets hurt trying to apprehend him.
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    KY - Craig Greenberg, Dem mayoral candidate, targeted in office shooting, Louisville, 14 Feb 2022

    WOW, he should have been released to the hospital for treatment. What is to say he won't do it again. Very worrisome.
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    Deceased/Not Found IL - Zaraz Walker, 7 months, reported 5 days later, Bloomington, 8 Feb 2022 *mom guilty insanity*

    Sigh, & month old babies leaving and not telling their parent(s) where they are going again. I hope she is found safe, however mom isn't talking for a reason. Is it possible she decided to go out and shoplift as a way to have a back story/someone to blame? All from my imagination.
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    CANADA Canada - Gashawbeza Kefene, 38, Toronto ( Dovercourt Rd\Dundas St West), 1 Apr 2022

    SO he is known to go missing often, but yet he is allowed out. Why? As per this it's at times with escorted walks. SO they just run off? Just confused. Many times it says not to approach and call 911 Man police consider “violent” missing for third time since December | Watch News Videos...
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    Found Safe Canada - Arabella Vienneau, 3, Barrie, Ontario, 8 Feb 2022

    Ugh, this alert just scared my when it went off on my phone. It sounds like children's services went to pick up kids, and one is missing. I hope they find her. Such a pretty baby
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    Found Safe TX - LF, 9, & dad, Hector Flores Jr, 49, hiking @ Big Bend Natl Park, 28 Jan 2022 *Arrest*

    Hmm if they left their personal belongings in the vehicle, could it be that they weren't prepared to be gone long? Did they have camping reservations? Are they late returning? Its sounds strange, possibly suspicious.
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    CANADA Canada - Elnaz Hajtamiri, 37, Abducted following home invasion, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, 12 Jan 2022

    Women in Iran: Political representation without rights | Middle East Institute ( "In domestic cases, the court considers men as heads of the household with legal authority over their wives. A woman is required to satisfy all of a man’s sexual needs and her refusal to do so could result...
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    Found Deceased Canada - Katrina Blagdon 37, picking up food w/ bf, St Catharines, ONT, 31 Dec 2021

    Yep that is correct. He went to bed, she was gone when he woke up in the morning. What strikes me as odd is the fact she didn't post any "happy new year" on social media at night or morning after. Plus as per reports her phone/social media went silent at 6 pm, which is unusual for her. In...
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    Found Deceased GA - Kamarie Holland, 5, Columbus, 12 Dec 2021 *2 Arrests, including mom*

    Another 5 year old that took off without telling her responsible adults where she was going(sarcasm) Oh where are you baby girl? I hope she is safe, warm and happy.
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    Found Deceased NC - Laporscha Baldwin, 30, car found on I-85, Gastonia, 10 Oct 2021 *ex-bf arrested*

    Because they don't have any reason to? no history of trouble/violence in their relationship?
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    Found Deceased NC - Laporscha Baldwin, 30, car found on I-85, Gastonia, 10 Oct 2021 *ex-bf arrested*

    Yet another lady has "disappeared" after breaking up with a man. this is so broken record, so sad. i hope she is found.