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    Found Deceased AL - John Douglas Fredd, 92, Tuscaloosa, 26 September 2018

    Did he have a car? He had a cane so I don't think he did much walking.
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    VA VA - Arieanna Day, 3 months, Roanoke, 12 September 2018 *Charges dropped*

    Oh no. I'm hoping she contacted him and others thinking she could get the baby back home safely. I really hope she didn't have anything to do with this.
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    TX - Botham Shem Jean, 26, killed when police officer entered wrong apartment, Dallas, Sept 2018

    Not saying this is true in this case, but people do have relations/ relationships with people their family do not know about. I've done it myself.
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    Found Safe CT - Jennifer Cubillos, 33, Andres, 43, Samantha, 11 & Christopher Bravo, 14, Naugatuck, 11 Aug 2018

    If it's one of the major banks, the could just find the same bank in a new location. For a smaller, or local bank, the would have to find a new one. Credit cards you sign for, but a lot of people use debit cards that you can sign or use a pin.
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    AZ - Kiera Bergman, 19, Glendale, 4 August 2018 *Arrest*

    I wonder if JC made a plea deal and told where the body was.
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    Found Deceased FL – Jordan Belliveau, 2, Largo, 1 SEP 2018 *ARREST*

    Really interesting comment from LM 55 minutes ago.
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    VA - Jholie Moussa, 16, Fairfax County, 12 Jan 2018 *Arrest*

    Did anyone hear the press conference?
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    Found Safe OH - Jacob Caldwell, 14, Sugarcreek Township, 21 Aug 2017

    The homeowner said she was shocked when told the missing boy was discovered at the home. She said they never went in the home when they stopped by to collect rent check each month. The homeowner said police have not contacted her or her husband about what happened Monday night. One neighbor...
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    VA - Jholie Moussa, 16, Fairfax County, 12 Jan 2018 *Arrest*

    So was he the person that borrowed the phone at the park?
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    Found Safe CA - Audrey Rodrigue, 29, & Emily, 10, Canadians on camping trip, San Mateo County, 26 Aug 2018

    I'm thinking she's voluntarily missing. The plans she gave the bf were so vague.
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    TX TX - Caitlin Marie Denison, 19, Midland, 10 January 2018

    Did the man use a fake ID? Did Caitlin say she's didn't want to go back home? What gives?