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  1. lorann

    Honey Boo Boo in limbo; Mama June dating sex offender

    The media is guilty of furthering attention on this train-wreck of a family, and must have known before the first episode many things the public is just now finding out. So every time a major network presents news or interviews someone from this family, they are lining their coffers... I would...
  2. lorann

    Is anyone else getting redirected to an Updata Java page?

    On 8/16 I got a notice that AVG had found a bad virus. Then about an hour later when I tried to refresh the forum, I got an alert from Chrome: Google Chrome has blocked access to This website has been reported as a phishing website. Phishing Websites are designed to trick you...
  3. lorann

    LeAnna (Mom) #1

    I don't know if this has been said before, if so, I missed it. I think Ross had left Cooper in the car before. That may be why they both did the research on the subject. Maybe Mom feared health problems (slept with them for two nights before the last "accident"). Maybe he or she or both...
  4. lorann

    forum loading slow or not at all

    It took five times of refreshing to get away from the AT&T ad - but then it was the first ad in the notes from the staff - so of course it hung up too. Is anyone working with the suppliers of the many ads to correct this problem? The AT&T ads are Google ads.
  5. lorann

    Decomposed Body found in Scurry Co.*3/16/13* - LE identified as being Hailey

    This case has always been hard for me because Hailey's age was the very best age of my childhood. My home life was nothing like hers but at that time I was so excited about all of the possibilities life can offer. I was learning so much in class, had fun playing softball and vollyball, and my...
  6. lorann

    trial day 39: the defense continues its case in chief #117

    Yesterday was such a day, waiting to see of there would be a mistrial and/or if we would lose a juror. Then we saw the Travis family so upset and JA and def team smiling and being in such a good mood. She is so sick and so evil, she scares me. But I feel since this trial started, she is...
  7. lorann

    long weekend break: discuss the latest here #114

    JA does not like DD's Katy because Katy is everything that JA is not. She is pretty, smart, has a future, and had the nerve to have her pic taken with her arch enemy, Juan. Is tricolor attractive and seems personable, thus gaining attention from other jurors and court watchers?
  8. lorann

    CA - Christopher Dorner kills 4 in tri-county rampage, Feb 2013 - #3

    I have not posted on this topic but have read all of the posts and have tried to get some kind of explanation in my mind how this person could go to such extremes. Obviously he had anger problems that took so much of his being - whether they were justified or not. Looking at pictures, those...
  9. lorann

    Dog Attends Daily Mass Since Owner's Funeral

    [/B] OT I loved that movie but sobbed like a baby.
  10. lorann

    U.S. tells computer users to disable Java software

    Thanks for posting this. I am not very good with this type of thing. I thought I had removed all Java several months ago. When I run a search, there are several Java files. I looked in the Security section and I don't find a Java control panel to disable the sucker... In the last two days...
  11. lorann

    Holiday Train

    My daughter lives in Texas and a train came to their area last Sunday - and her grandson had a blast. He loves trains, everything about trains. It was a warm beautiful day, they got there fairly early and she said the line behind them was very long. Stationed along the way were "Elves" who...
  12. lorann

    CO - Jessica Ridgeway, 10, Westminster, 5 Oct 2012 - #4

    I don't know the protocol but wouldn't LE have inquired into dental records from the very beginning? Knowing that remains have been found, no matter what the condition, the perp has to be very nervous wondering if they in fact had covered all of their traces.
  13. lorann

    We the Jury! Deliberations

    Not only do Kathleen and Stacy and their families deserve justice, we (society) needs a dirty - murdering cop punished for his crimes. We (society) needs to get or regain trust in LE and the legal profession.
  14. lorann

    We the Jury! Deliberations

    Unless I am not remembering correctly, other trials I have watched, when a decision needed to be made - the judge made it and announced it. Sometimes he would allow discussion but made it clear how he was leaning. This judge wants both sides to argue everylittlething.
  15. lorann

    We the Jury! Deliberations

    Plus those that testified against him? If he kills to keep money, what would he do to those who wanted to take his freedom?
  16. lorann

    Drew Peterson's Trial *FIFTH WEEK* part two

    The thought of DP sitting there - knowing how this murder really was done - and laughing to himself whether the testimony is far fetched or near the truth - makes me even madder. He didn't perform the perfect murder, he made mistakes - being caught by Stacy doing laundry, calling the minister...
  17. lorann

    Drew Peterson's Trial *FIFTH WEEK* part two

    It would make things go smoother during closings if the judge warned both sides that there will not be constant frivolous objections. We cannot let this judge be the sole person in charge of this because of bias - but this jury has been through enough. So bored that the only thing they can...
  18. lorann

    Drew Peterson's Trial *FIFTH WEEK* part one

    I understand what you are saying but this young man has endured the loss of his parents being together, the loss of his mother and the loss of his stepmother. So much for any person to go through. But to admit to himself that his father is responsible may be just to much to admit, even to...
  19. lorann

    Drew Peterson's Trial *FOURTH WEEK*

    Perry also had the lawyers meet with him before court started to discuss objections etc. so that court could start promptly and not waste the jurors court time. If this judge did that, and if these lawyers had their transcripts ready, they may be able to do away with Saturday court sessions...
  20. lorann

    Drew Peterson's Trial *FOURTH WEEK*

    Many have remarked that DP seemed to have more assets than the average Sgt with mortgages, child support, etc. could afford. Not only was he unfaithful, controlling, not wanting to share any of his pension, Kathleen had threatened to share information on him. DP was not going to have any of...