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    GUILTY MI - Jane Bashara, 56, dies in contract killing, Grosse Pointe Park, 25 Jan 2012 #1

    Wow, the heat is on. Wondering if "Big Bob" is starting to sweat yet.
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    NY - NYPD commish's son, a Fox anchor, in rape probe

    I'm jaded myself. My initial reaction is that I have major doubts about this woman's story. The largest one involving their continued "communication" via text/email after the supposed rape took place. My gut feeling is her boyfriend found some incriminating texts and she had to "come up with a...
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    Missing Cell Phones #2

    Wait a sec, i don't have a link, but i thought somewhere along the way, in this convoluted timeline, we heard that Jeremy didn't call her to say he was going to wind up working late and Debbie wasn't at all worried about not hearing from him either. Anyone want to help me out and throw me a...
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    "Jersey" and MW #2

    Zee plot thickens....
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    MSM coverage of Baby Lisa, 11/8/11

    Hang on, so does this mean they are going to talk more about MW? I'm assuming that is who they are referencing when they say the cell was used to call a woman...
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    MSM coverage of Baby Lisa, 11/8/11

    So no "new and disturbing info" about the phone call from the cell??
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    MSM coverage of Baby Lisa, 11/8/11

    Could someone please explain what that was about? I'm at work and can't watch....
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    11/1/11 MSM article claims JI with kids during trip & neighbor kid saw Lisa at 6:30pm

    So wait a minute...supposedly Jeremy hadn't called home all night. So that means either when he woke Deb up she was still intoxicated or she told him right then that she had been drinking all night? Huh??
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    "Jersey" and MW

    I just read all 16 pages of this thread and I am still confused by this latest turn of events.
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    MSM coverage of Baby Lisa, 10/31/11

    Anyone think it is a little strange we haven't heard anymore about Dr. Randazzo (the threat assessment specialist that joined the case shortly after Bill Stanton)? Whatever happened with her? Or perhaps she is working quietly in the background with no need for us to hear/know anything. IDK...
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    Interview with the two boys has been cancelled

    Well, I can't say I am all that suprised by this latest development. I will say that if these parents are innocent of any kind of wrong doing in this case then they sure aren't doing themselves any favors.
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    Human Remains (*cadaver) Detection (HRD) dog questions and answers **NO DISCUSSION**

    Animals are just the most amazing creatures. That's all.
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    local media's first home tour and presser 10/27/11 **cancelled**

    If this is the case, and the boys will be interviewed as originally stated, then I think this tour got cancelled because the "national network" they have an exclusive agreement with has a problem with them giving an "exclusive" tour to local media. My initial feeling was they had pulled the...
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    Live MSM coverage on Baby Lisa 20 October 2011

    Totally agree, belimom. My daughter would never have stayed down that long. And couple that with being "sick" and I cannot fathom, in my case at least, not having to go check on her because she would be fussing and uncomfortable, especially at that age.
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    Live MSM coverage on Baby Lisa 20 October 2011

    Here's my thought on the neighbor seeing the lights go out. If my neighbor had been over for coffee or drinks or whatever, I would wait for them to make it home okay. Once I saw they were in their home, I would go in, shut my door, and if I was going to bed, shut my lights. So I am just...
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    LE serves search warrant on family home #4

    I get the interest in the neighbor possibly being involved but at the same time, why would the neighbor cover for Deborah if something happened to Lisa in that house? Accidental or otherwise, you know? I can see a spouse covering, maybe a family member covering, but why would a neighbor...
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    Live MSM coverage on Baby Lisa 18 October 2011

    Dr. Drew - Mark Eiglarsh just said that it was huge that LE now had a search warrant. That they obviously have something in mind that they are looking for and enough to have had a judge sign off on this warrant.
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    Searches for Lisa Irwin/ merged thread

    Lady, get out of my head.
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    Live MSM coverage on Baby Lisa 18 October 2011

    I can tell the difference between an infant (to me that means newborn to 6 months) and a child that is over a year old too. I just meant how would someone look at a "baby" and be able to definitively say it was 11 months old? I just find that not so easy to believe.