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    GUILTY AK - Mindy Schloss, 52, abducted & murdered, Anchorage, 3 Aug 2007

    Beth, if you're really interested in buying the house, I'd suggest you view it and see what the feeling or vibe of the house is when you enter it - That's a very strong guide to whether it's a happy house or not - I strongly feel that houses hold memories of what has gone and what is to be...
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    NM NM - Edyth Warner, 35, & Nicolas Smith, 11, Las Cruces, 23 Feb 1991

    Headline - Resurrected Cold Case Turns Up Empty Doesn't sound as if the recent search was successful - The husband (soon to have been an ex-) must have been a suspect in this case - or would that have been too obvious? If the mom was in so much...
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    MO MO - Gabby Taylor, 12, Kansas City, March 2008

    Definitely looks like her - Not logged on since 11 March - I hope the family have checked out Harley, whom she's so in love with, according to her message - Could be a runaway to be together sort of thing - I hope so and I hope she is back with her family very very soon.
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    Bloated Lisa Marie is now the double of dad Elvis

    Brainy curvy hags unite! :D Finally, I found a cult I can join - lol! I heard LM was pregnant, and how difficult must it be when your every move and mouthful is prone to being photographed - I think she is beautiful and talented, and I also think it is time for Priscilla to step back from the...
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    Prince Harry of Wales

    Useful publicity for the not-so-popular royalty, non? Cynical - moi?
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    Identified! IL - Downers Grove, skeletal remains found, Feb'08 - Daniel Smiechowski

    WS friends, I was anxiously awaiting news of the body found in Downers Grove, Chicago this month. There were thoughts that this might be linked to John Spira's active missing case. Sadly for another family, it transpires that the remains are those of Dan Smiechowski, who went missing from his...
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    GUILTY Canada - Karissa Boudreau, 12, Bridgewater, NS, 27 Jan 2008

    Welcome CC, there are links to two pages of Karissa's details at the Located threads here on the site - I hope that works, I'm not very good technically! Take care, and I wish you well in your crusade to get more attention to Canadian...
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    Pierce Brosnan's wife

    These are both two beautiful people - It is very unrealistic to expect that someone will be the same shape at 20 as at 40, after two children and the stresses of life. (Unless you forgo eating and drinking anything but strawberries and water, a la Beckham!) They look very happy - leave them...
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    OH OH - Holly Metzger Carruthers, 24, Lexington, 17 Dec 2007

    A picture of Holly at this link - and some very interesting comments about there being more to Holly's case than meets the eye:
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    MI MI - Don Dietz, 66, Saranac, 8 Sept 2007,0,910572.story?coll=wxmi-news-1 This doesn't look good for Mr Dietz, who was obviously a highly functioning autistic gentleman - very sad that there are folk in this world who will take advantage of a vulnerability - Hopefully his family will...
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    CA CA - Alicia Stokes, 33, Oakland, 25 Nov 2007 This doesn't sound very hopeful - that the case has been moved over to Homicide and her purse has been found inside her locked car...
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    AL AL - Zachary Ferry, 14, Huntsville, Dec 2007

    Thank you, Lady! That important news probably explains why there is so little out there media-wise - but I wondered - Zach is 14 and that is such a vulnerable age...
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    AL AL - Zachary Ferry, 14, Huntsville, Dec 2007

    Has there been any news on Zachary - I just did a google search and found absolutely nothing???
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    GUILTY NC - Rashed Delamez Jones, 14, Whiteville, 19 Nov 2007

    How terrible, this is such a very young life, not lived...
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    Found Alive UK - John Darwin, 51, Seaton Carew, 21 March 2002 *found alive in 2007*

    There might be more to this case than meets the eye, when it all comes out in the wash. This man's wife is a friend of a friend of my colleague, and everyone who surrounds the family is absolutely stunned by his reappearance, but rumours in the local community have abounded since he went...
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    GUILTY UT - Chad Grijalva & Derek Davis, both 34, found murdered, Beryl, 24 Oct 2007

    ...And Chris Coan is still missing in Utah. Chris was last seen leaving work on Labor Day from Subway in Cedar City, not far from where these two gents have been found - I looked for a thread on the two guys, (after I saw news from their area (KSL), while looking for updates on 18 year old...
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    GUILTY MO - Randy Greenman, 39, & George Whitter, 36, St. Louis, 30 Aug 2007

    This case looks a little like the hunt for two missing Southern Utah men - both strong too! Pix at link:,5143,695223893,00.html
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    CO CO - Shaida Ghaemi, 44, Wheat Ridge, 11 Sept 2007

    Certainly looks like a 'person of interest' to me. This was a lady who looked after her relative's children, and she's had no contact with her own children either since she went missing? More than suspicious!
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    NY NY - Jaliek Rainwalker, 12, Greenwich, 13 Nov 2007

    Police Narrow Search for Jaliek Rainwalker November 12, 2007 - 5:24PM Investigators will be back on the golf course at the Battenkill Country Club tomorrow, continuing their search for 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker. On Monday, rescue crews in Washington County drained a pond on the...
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    TX TX - Carmen Mares, 35, San Antonio, 2 Sept 2007 Carmen's brother, Lenny's site...