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  1. mrsNKY

    NC NC - Sara Graham, 18, Fairmont, 4 February 2015 - #3

    This story just still really sticks with me. Something feels off with the family dynamic to me and I can’t put my finger on it. What if the hope was, she would relocate to NC, hate it and return to her mom. Instead she found a job, friends and liked the area and that wasn’t ideal for someone...
  2. mrsNKY

    KY KY - Samantha Dawn Bratcher, 32, Central City, 5 Nov 2021 *missing left eye*

    I was wondering the same thing. Who did the car belong to? Especially if it sounds like someone said they dropped her off, yet; the video apparently didn’t show that.
  3. mrsNKY

    NY NY - Malachi 12 & Nehemiah Bascom 10, taken frm schl by non-cust mom Christina Young-Dawkins against court order, Queens, 10 Nov 2022

    The father is a Guyanese track star, wonder if the mom is dual-citizen as well? That could be a place to check. Flight manifests could be important but not if no one is really searching.
  4. mrsNKY

    AL AL - Wanda Gordon, 49, driving from Northport to her home in Tuscaloosa, may be disoriented, 3 Nov 2022

    Something seems really off about this, just can’t figure out what’s missing. Maybe some sort of preface as to her state of mind, medical issues?
  5. mrsNKY

    LA LA - Wilfred Kennerson III, 36, vehicle found in Opelousas, Bastrop, 4 Oct 2021 *Reward*

    So many questions! Sometime last year (sorry, I remember reading, no other details) except 2 black men from either Alabama or Louisiana drove to LA for a couple days to meet some friends but never was seen again. Does anyone recall? So many similarities in a few of the missing black men in the...
  6. mrsNKY

    Found Safe CA - Manuela Smith, Dementia, 87, Hemet, released from Hospital in Hillcrest, 25 Aug 2022

    Were her belongings left behind @ the hotel? That’s a lot of things missing from her daughters home, and toting around. I wonder how long she was in the hospital.
  7. mrsNKY

    Found Safe ME - Jill Sidebotham, 28, Nicholas Hansen, 38, Lydia Hansen, 2, Camping in Phillips area, overdue from trip, Sanford, 3 July 2022

    Holding that baby while in the store, looks like a control-type tactic to me. Holding the baby COULD ensure the mom doesn’t try to flee or say anything. JMO of course.
  8. mrsNKY

    Found Deceased IN - Ariana Taylor, 23, SUV found crashed in Gary, Merrillville, 3 Apr 2022

    Looking at her FB, this is very strange. The pile of clothes is weird also. Why two pair of pants in the photo of the found clothes??
  9. mrsNKY

    Found Deceased MO - Daisa Allen, 25, went shopping, car found burned, Bellefontaine Neighbors, 30 Mar 2022 *Reward*

    It looks like a plastic grocery bag in her hand to me. I have a feeling there was a reason this person was all in black and in the shadows. I always like to park by a light if I need to run out by myself after dark, the glare I’m this video actually looks to make the video harder to see the...
  10. mrsNKY

    SC SC - Alexis Ware 29, talked about being followed, car found in McCormick, Anderson, 30 Jan 2022

    There is slowly some information that is making me think this case is not as it appears, I hope I’m wrong. The daughter is old enough to talk, she is 9 or 10.
  11. mrsNKY

    PA PA - Hanna Joy Lee, 7 & Sky Deborah Rex, 5, Waynesboro, Franklin County, 15 Mar 2020

    This is so very sad and They have been missing for so long.
  12. mrsNKY

    SC SC - Alexis Ware 29, talked about being followed, car found in McCormick, Anderson, 30 Jan 2022

    I have a lot of thoughts on this case, this is potentially one of them. I am thinking it wasn’t a stranger at all. I go back and forth with this being voluntary and a set-up. If you search postings on FB you will see clues that lead me to question everything and begin to believe it MAY be a...
  13. mrsNKY

    SC SC - Alexis Ware 29, talked about being followed, car found in McCormick, Anderson, 30 Jan 2022

    This case has a lot of things happening, that to me, that are a little odd. 1. Why meet the father only to follow him? My only thought is: it was a last minute decision when they met and he suggested he take the kids in his car since she felt she was being followed. She followed behind to stay...
  14. mrsNKY

    Found Deceased KY - Serenity Ann McKinney, 4, mom & bf refusing to cooperate, Shelby Co, 24 Dec 2020 *Arrests*

    I don’t have high hopes for our AG unfortunately. I hope so, for this little sweetie but, he really has a terrible track record here in KY. MOO
  15. mrsNKY

    Found Safe IN - Paris Williamson, 33, unusual behavior, Indianapolis, 31 Jan 2022

    Sounds like the dad is familiar with the person she was allegedly seen with. I wonder who this person is and did he arrive with her? Did she seem bothered as in this person was following her or just normally annoying. If she was in trouble or felt truly annoyed and wanted to get away from this...
  16. mrsNKY

    Found Safe AL - Jolene Rea Jenkins, 34, Hoover, 7 Feb 2022 *travelling to the Tuscaloosa/Brookwood area*

    Has anyone found another FB for her? The one above is current but very little interaction on posts, just wondering if she has two by chance. I didn’t see another.
  17. mrsNKY

    Found Deceased KY - Serenity Ann McKinney, 4, mom & bf refusing to cooperate, Shelby Co, 24 Dec 2020 *Arrests*

    This is so heartbreaking. It’s time for a change, so many of our children are being treated like they are disposable. There are just way too many children that disappear or worse in a single week. So very sad.
  18. mrsNKY

    Recovered/Located TX - Autumn Frances Adame, 27, told family travelling to Baytown, Corpus Christi, end Sep 2021

    Pretty specific comments. Quite a long time to be missing without contacting family. Hopefully; the police find her soon.