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  1. Cherry

    GUILTY WI - 6 dead, 61 injured after car rams into crowd at holiday parade, Waukesha, 21 Nov 2021 *ARREST*

    Hey, he needs to be told from the judge right now to "dress, sit down, remain quiet and seated or we will apply a stun belt to you and bring you into court every day with a stun belt on. He attacked and is highly agitated. He qualifies totally for a belt and bolt him to the floor! The judge is...
  2. Cherry

    Recovered/Located AL - Casey White, cap murder chg, & Vicky Sue White, CO w/sher office, Lauderdale, 29 Apr'22*Reward*

    They don't have many options. Carjacking and or taking over someone's RV and or camper would be options if it were me. He is huge, and hard to hide that. I would put all campgrounds on high alert as the weather is good and he has attacked and killed before. Someone could be missing and carjacked...
  3. Cherry

    Mexico - Kaleo Skye, 3 & Roxy Rain 10 mos, killed by dad, Rosarito, 10 Aug 2021 *arrest in CA*

    In 2017 on his facebook page he stated a day would come when something worldwide would manifest and he would be forced to turn his back on all, god family and even children. Married 2016. His posts showed delusions of grandeur. He intentionally committed the crime in a foreign country Imo.
  4. Cherry

    NE NE - Chance Englebert, 25, Gering, 6 July 2019 (new father)

    Was a search warrant and a raid done? Was this case worked from the inside out or the reverse?
  5. Cherry

    GUILTY NM - Craig Cavanaugh, 44, Mazatzal Casino, Payson, 4 July 2019

    Are these two men involved w hiring him for the job site? Could they have lured him there?
  6. Cherry

    Identified! FL, Jacksonville, Skeletal Remains, UnK age, Utsey Road area, 11 July 2019-Corbin Odell Johnson

    I thought of Jennifer Kesse, went to find her thread but all are closed. I have a question: What place of employment required workers to wear white pants and shirt, white socks w black shoes? This is regarding the that parked her car on video. Can someone open a thread? Tyia.
  7. Cherry

    WI WI - Nicholas Hietpas, 22, & dog, vehicle found abandoned in Oconto Co., Appleton, 1 Apr 2019

    I would like to know if he owned a gun, and if so, is it missing?
  8. Cherry

    TX TX - Prisma Denisse Peralta Reyes, 26, did not pick up her child, Mesquite, 17 Apr 2019 #2

    The fact her own father feels she will return home after custody is resolved, has left a gaping hole for me. IOW they are saying she would agree w her mom being assigned custody? Is there a reason she felt she'd lose custody to him, ie something in the form of a huge white elephant is trampling...
  9. Cherry

    Found Deceased WY - Aubree Corona, 28, did not return to campsite, Sublette County, 13 Jul 2019

    Did she actually keep the appt take and pass the breathalyzer? Or did she confirm she was on her way back via txt?
  10. Cherry

    LA - Sadie Roberts-Joseph, 75, found dead in trunk of car, Baton Rouge, 12 July 2019 *ARREST*

    I am thinking duct tape. I sure hope they find who killed her, the two-hour window and anonymous is an issue for me. Was she really w her sister making cornbread or she went to the store and never returned?
  11. Cherry

    Found Deceased UT - REMAINS FOUND - MacKenzie "Kenzie" Lueck, 23, Salt Lake City, 17 June 2019 #10 *ARREST*

    I found his Xmas story on his facebook to be extremely violent as everyone, even pets, were in terrible mishaps.
  12. Cherry

    Found Deceased IN - Paul Etter wanted for Kidnapping, Tippecanoe County, 22 June 2019

    Made me think of Libby and Abbey immediately. Compare his posture please to the man on the bridge in their case ASAP. I know it's just a mugshot, I guess it is the tilt of his head, something rang my internal alarm like mad the moment I saw him, ie the structure of his face, etc.
  13. Cherry

    UNSOLVED NJ - Fair Lawn, Mysterious pile of sliced-up women’s clothes found in woods, Mar 2019

    The hole in the shirt looks like a gunshot, w blood spreading out from it and then down the shirt.
  14. Cherry

    Hailey Dunn: General Discussion thread #3

    I cannot believe her case is now a cold case. Bring in a special prosecutor. What they had in their closet, the collection of hardcore murderabilia, made it pretty clear what they were both into. We all know that BD said 'as long as they don't find anything I'm good for today' something along...
  15. Cherry

    TX TX - Prisma Denisse Peralta Reyes, 26, did not pick up her child, Mesquite, 17 Apr 2019

    If she used to live here, then she might have hooked up w someone that was a neightbor..ect.