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    Deceased/Not Found MA - Ana Walshe - Supposedly Left Home in Rideshare to Airport - Cohasset #3

    I took my 12 yr old to Cancun, Mexico ( from USA) and they asked for a certified letter from her other parent allowing her out of USA when they asked for her passport.
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    MD - 5 Family Members Found Dead In Home, Elk Mills, 9/8/22

    This is local to me. WBFF FOX 45 (Baltimore) is now reporting their names. Such a tragedy. Marcus and Tera Milligan and their 3 children. There's a lot of sadness in her Facebook for the past month. Last weekend was the third anniversity of the couple losing a child to cancer. She lost her...
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    VA - Gret Glyer, DonorSee Founder & CEO, Found Murdered, Fairfax

    They have two babies one 6 months and one 22 months old according to the Daily Mail article which I can't link on my phone. I hope his wife is not suffering from postpartum depression and acted irrationally. Sad story.
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    Found Deceased SC - Sheridan Wahl, 21, Myrtle Beach, 19 Sep 2021

    As crazy as it sounds, I hope she didn't run into Brian Laundrie as he was trying to get out of Florida. 9/17 was the day his lawyer reported him missing.
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    Found Deceased VA - Ty Sauer, 18, Shenandoah National Park, 22 April 2021

    Sad news. Unable to link on phone, on Shenodoah National Park FB..a body found at 255pm today is believed to be his. So sad.
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    PA PA - Ray Gricar, 59, former district attorney, Bellefonte, 15 Apr 2005 - #17

    I believe the reference to Spring Carlisle refers to a huge car show/auction and flea market which had been going on for decades. Held several times a year, this year the Spring show is April 21-25
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    Found Deceased MD - Tara Payne, 26, Baltimore, 23 March 2021

    Fox45 WBFF was broadcasting live a few minutes ago and said they will go back to coverage in the next half hour. Showed her family at the scene. Such a sad scene.
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    TX - Terri 'Missy' Bevers, 45, killed in church/suspect in SWAT gear, Midlothian, 18 Apr 2016 #45

    Also MMA fights in general area, 1 of whom was Missy's Linked In acct correspondant. Ex- military, 5'7". MOO.
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    GUILTY MD - Dorothy Grubb, 60, Baltimore County, 24 July 2014 *Arrest*

    I'm also unable to link on my phone but I looked under Maryland Case Search and it shows him, Clyde Calvin Campbell, pleading guilty in 2/20 to second degree murder and getting 25 years. Whether it was 25 or 30 years, dosent seem like enough! ETA..looks like he filed an appeal for...
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    Found Deceased PA - Brenda Jacobs, 37, dismembered, Lycoming County, 29 Dec 2003 *Arrest in 2019*

    Unable to link on phone. The legs were identified as hers.
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    GUILTY DE - Madison Sparrow, 17, Newark, 2 October 2020 *arrest*

    New article up on Delawareonline ( 6 free articles) stating he confessed to killing her by striking her in the head with an aluminum bat. The weapon, her clothing and blood were found. It was planned, someone else was involved but not yet named.
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    GUILTY DE - Madison Sparrow, 17, Newark, 2 October 2020 *arrest*

    Unable to link on phone. From Delaware state police. An arrest of ex boyfriend NS. Go to their website. There may be others involved. She was murdered and moved to another location. So sad.
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    Found Deceased PA - Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, Bird-in-Hand, Lancaster County, 21 June 2020 *arrest*

    I have seen several comments about sexual abuse and incest in the Amish community. Back in the 1980's, when I was in nursing school, I did a clinical rotation at an Amish birthing center in that general area. The midwife worked at several clinics as well as attended home births. She said that...
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    DE - Elderly Couple Murdered in Cemetery - Bear, New Castle County, 8 May 2020

    I did not know them but they lived about 15 minutes away. Media coverage was poor at best, the Cecil Whig is the local paper but they didn't have much info, and it has a firewall. They were visiting the grave of an adult son who died from cerebral palsy, and according to their surviving twin...
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    Found Deceased ND- Adam Gettel, 35, & 2 yr old daughter, *missing after house fire, Hillsboro, 9 April 2020

    Unable to link from my phone but both were found dead in the burned house. The father's body was covering his daughter according to Grand Forks Herald.
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    GUILTY KY - Baby, 3 months, kept in shed/loft, Bowling Green, Nov 2018 *Arrests*

    I just looked on and saw Virginia Keabler is on probation from 1/28/2020 thru 1/22/2025. The other info about the sentencing is difficult to understand because it is incomplete. It says 5 years for wanton endangerment 1st degree..But where it says conviction it is left blank. It...
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    Found Deceased CO - Gannon Stauch, 11, Colorado Springs, Lorson Ranch, El Paso County, 27 Jan 2020 *endangered* #15

    This is what I have been thinking. I would think that in terms of the police dept and a presidential visit, it would be all hands on deck. I just saw pictures on the news of crowds of people camping out waiting for the visit. Hopefully tomorrow they can get back to finding Gannon.
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    Deceased/Not Found CT - Jennifer Dulos, 50, New Canaan, 24 May 2019 *ARRESTS* #45

    Wonder if she is going to travel with a translator to see her fabric clients?
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    MD MD - Joann 'Jody' LeCornu, 23, Towson, 2 March 1996

    On fox45 in baltimore this AM, Jody's sister has new billboards up again. I have not followed this case but it appears her sister is relentless at keeping Jodys name out there to get new leads. She said she is getting ready to go to Colorado to make a new YT in an effort to get new info.