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    Identified! AL - Opelika, 'Juvenile Jane Doe', BlkFem, UP9834, 4-7, in woods, abused, Jan'12 *reward* - Amore Joveah Wiggins

    This part made me feel sick in my gut: "Ms. Wiggins also provided documents indicating that she has continuously paid child support to Lamar Vickerstaff since 2009." Imagine paying child support to the [alleged] killers of your daughter for this whole time, now knowing she was dead except for...
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    NY NY - Brooklyn, Bay 23rd & Benson Ave, WhtFem 45-70, UP6020, pink velvet pants, coat w/fur, Jan'00

    You can also see cyrillic letters on the tags of the jacket. Where she was found isn't far (about 2.6 miles from the Sheepshead Bay subway station) from Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach, neighborhoods with large Russian and Ukrainian communities.
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    MI MI- Detroit, UncMale, 18+, dead in an abandoned warehouse after a fire, found with a note: a man's name and address; "two sons". Feb 1972.

    On the block of 8981-8986 appears to be fully intact in 1973 and 1983, but by 1999 many houses have been torn down. I can't tell if 8986 Keller is one of those torn down by 1999.
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    Identified! PA - Newport Township, WhtFem 15-21, UP10836, Alden Mountain, Nov'12 - Joan Marie Dymond

    This is definitely one of those cases that makes me go "wow!", due to the long time period from when Joan went missing to when her remains were discovered. Hats off to the laboratory that determined the bones were likely from the 1960s.
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    Presumed Located AZ - Robert William Dikes, 28, Phoenix, 25 Sept 1993

    The weird part about the identification is that Robert was supposedly last in contact with the Phoenix Police on September 25, 1993...but the body that was only recently identified as his was discovered on July 6, 1993.
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    NY NY - Manhattan, 'Midtown Jane Doe', WhtFem 16-21, 337UFNY, under concrete, ring w/ 'P McG', Feb'03

    All of the evidence and circumstances of this case screams late 70s and early 80s. I'll be shocked if she died outside of that time period.
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    Identified! TN - Jellico, Big Wheel Gap Rd, WhtFem 9-15, 482UFTN, button necklace, bracelet, shoes, Apr'85 Tracy Sue Walker

    Reading that Tracy was from 400 miles away in Indiana and was found at what was at the time of her disappearance in 1978, a strip mine, immediately made me think a truck driver might have been involved. They either must have been a local or had previously hauled coal from the mine, because...
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    Resolved CA - Devore, WhtMale UP2294, 25-45, buried In backyard, Aug'08 - Name withheld

    Doe Network page marked IDENTIFIED on June 8th. 1664UMCA
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    Still Missing WA - Oakley Carlson, 5, missing during welfare check, Oakville, 10 Feb 2021

    I don't often think "Dear God..." when reading Charley Project case descriptions, but this one made me do so. "The child's younger brother remembered Jordan beating Oakley with a belt and confining her to a closet, and said he had been worried that his sister would starve. He mentioned the...
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    TX TX - Andra Bradshaw, 70, Liberty County, 1 July 2016

    This has to be one of the most unusual ways I've ever heard of a missing person being found. I thought animals couldn't eat bone (with the well known exception of Hyenas). So where did her bones go? "In the home they found a piece of human scalp and hair in some animal feces, but no other...
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    OK OK - Nash, UncMale Adult, UP59597, Found in burned vehicle, May'19

    "“They`re having a hard time confirming actually where his employment was or locating any of his employment records,” Sterling said." That statement immediately made me think of the drug trade possibly being involved.
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    Found Deceased GA - Kyle Clinkscales, 23, LaGrange, 27 Jan 1976 *car found in 2021*

    According to the bridge over "unnamed creek" 1 mile South of Cusseta on Cambers County 83 was built in 1952. | CO. 83 over UNNAMED CREEK, Chambers County, Alabama
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    Identified! VA - Stafford Co, WhtMale 15-18, UP2229, peg-shaped lateral incisor, Sep'90 - Timothy Alan Mangum

    It's sad there was no photo of him released. I'm guessing the family may not have had any left.
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    LA LA - Old Metairie, Nassau Drive Jane Doe, WhtFem 15-16, dress, heeled shoes, business cards, Jul'79

    You’d have to think if this JD was identified in the years after she was found (pre internet and LSU faces) there would at least have been a story about it in the Times Picayune since there were several articles in the paper about the police investigation into her murder. Has anyone been able to...
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    NY NY - Brooklyn, PA Ave, BlkMale 30-40, UP7732, cab driver shot, multiple scars, Apr'94

    I'm guessing it may have been a gypsy cab (an unlicensed operation). It could have just been a guy operating as a cab out of his own car. But, I assume it wasn't his car since the police weren't able to use it ID him.
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    Identified! TX - Fort Worth, Male Adult, UP87803, veh accident, Jan'22 - Everardo Guerrero Hernandez

    The NAMUS link to this Doe gives a permission error. I suppose that means it is likely they were identified. I looked up Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office online records for the 1st of January and I found what is likely the ID of the person involved in the incident.
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    Resolved OR - Multnomah Co., UnsFem UP13366, 16-20, partial skeletal found, Jan'84 - Name withheld

    I'll just throw in my thoughts, if the Jane Doe in this thread was a Ridgeway victim, I doubt B-17 Jane Doe and 1262UFOR (using the Doe Newtork ID due to the confusion around NAMUS ID numbers) are the same person because afaik, Ridgeway is not known to have placed any of his victims' individual...
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    NY NY - Patricia Newsom, 16, New York County, 1 Jan 1974

    There's a lot of holes based on what's in the brand new NAMUS file. Where in New York was she last seen? They aren't sure what date or month she was last seen, how certain are they it was 1974? Also, is it just me or does that photo look to be older (hair and fashion look more mid 1950s than...