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    KS KS - Wilson County, skeletal remains in pasture, Mar'23 Per this article, hunters have located skeletal remains in a pasture south of Coyville in Wilson County, KS. A quick search through Namus found no active missing cases in this county, though there are five in...
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    MO MO - Kansas City, 25th St & Vine, BlkFem 20-32, UP5013, poss partial wig & false nails, Sep'93

    Aside from the ruleout above, this is the closest case in the area: Some details including her exact name and where exactly she went missing are a little confusing. Her thread...
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    MO MO - Kansas City, George Rd, WhtFem 32-52, UP5310, in remote area, PMI: 2 weeks, May'81

    Has Anna Ciaccio ever been considered for this JD?
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    GA GA - Atlanta, BlkMale Pre-50, UP98815, Struck by vehicle, Tattoos on both arms, Sketch, Oct'89

    The tattoo description doesn't exactly match, but I can't help but feel like I see strong facial resemblance to this guy:
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    CA CA - Glendora, WhtMale, 15-25, UP3981, auto/pedestrian accident on freeway, May'89

    I wonder how close to his disappearance the Namus photo of Jason Russo is: He matches the general description well but a match to the UID morgue photo is not obvious. If anything, there is more similarity to the recon.
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    Found Safe ND - Ronald Marto, 75, Fargo, 5 Nov 2022
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    MO Dog Unearths Human Remains, Missouri Backyard, Sunday 30 October 2022 *Sirrena S Truitt*

    Van Brunt and I-70, basically. As mentioned above, this is a poor area with high crime (which unfortunately applies to virtually anywhere between Troost and the Blue River). Terry Blair's stomping grounds were about two miles to the northwest of this location. Without a better description...
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    TN TN - Nashville, Sulphur Creek Rd, Blk/Hisp Fem 15-25, UP52531, Vandy clothes, Sep'18

    There is a bit of an age discrepancy, but am I wrong in feeling like there is some resemblance to the age progressed photo of Relisha Rudd? Her case was just featured on On Patrol: Live.
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    OR OR - Morrow Co, Wht/HispMale 25-45, UP13740, On Wildlife refuge land, Wearing only boxers, Apr'15 Very little info but matches general description other than hair color is slightly off.
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    AZ AZ - El Mirage, HispMale 30-50, UP62457, Found buried in a residential backyard, Possible spina bifida, Possible homicide, Aug'19 Possible match? Not much to go on.
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    ND ND - Kristi Nikle, 19, Grand Forks, 26 Oct 1996
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    OK OK - Tulsa, badly decomposed remains, May'22

    A search party looking for a missing 30-year old Tulsa man appears to have discovered some unrelated badly decomposed remains. Because of the decomposition, no gender, age, race, etc, was immediately released...
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    MN MN - Wright County, nearly complete skeleton, Apr'22

    Landscaping crew finds human skeleton west of Twin Cities They ended up finding a nearly complete skeleton. Some missing cases from Wright and nearby counties; this is not very far away from the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping area: The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) The...
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    Identified! TX - San Antonio, Wht/HispFem 25-40, UP88014, Reconstruction, Found behind nursing home, Nov'20 *Bonnie Flores*

    Bonnie Flores? The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Duplicate Namus entry with different picture: The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
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    MD MD - Hungtingtown, BlkMale 15-25, UP2330, FORD ignition key, clothes, Nov 77

    Leonard Johnson? The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Wish we had a photo or more to go on. His thread - NY - NY - Leonard Edward Johnson Jr. 24, NYC, 1 Mar 1975
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    AZ AZ - Aguila, WhtFem 17-23, UP89934, Near Eagle Eye Road, Dec'69

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) wonder if this could be a match... article about the case: Missing Arizona children: Gone a lifetime, sister searches for Diane Marie Webb, missing since 1959
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    AK AK - Cantwell, WhtMale UP12492, Pre40, in bush, sandy hair, no torso, Sept'92

    Fairbanks North Star Borough does not include Cantwell, and what are the odds two sets of remains were found on that same day? Fat chance. I'd say these are the same, and one has errors. As far as a possible ID, could John Waterman be a possibility? The National Missing and Unidentified...
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    Identified! ND - Fargo, wht/native Male, 35-45, scorpion tattoo, Dec'21 - Robert Power

    Unfortunately, his name has now been released as he has passed away: Pedestrian dies from vehicle crash in Fargo
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    TX TX - Wizard Wells, WhtFem 23-29, 83UFTX, wooded area, healed spinal trauma, poss feet probs, Dec'84

    Has Judy Proud been considered as Jack County Jane Doe? The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Hair color is correct; height is not too far off; timeline is possibly compatible. Since foul play was involved, Jack County could have just been a convenient dumping ground...