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  1. mitzi

    **Q&A ONLY** Ask the MODERATORS your Forum Questions **NO DISCUSSION**

    Hi Beach! I wish you hadn't locked the thread on Forum Finesse regarding everything being on the left side of the page and no more arrow to get it to fill the whole page. How will you know how many of us this is affecting if the thread is closed. I have macular degeneration and set my...
  2. mitzi

    TX - Jiree Mobley, 12, riding ATV, killed by barbed wire across road, 19 April 2015

    When I was about 10, I was riding my bike from a drugstore(about 1/2 block from my house, toward my home. I had to ride past a gas station, and there were 2 posts that I thought would be fun to ride between. What I didn't know was that there was rope between the two polesm that had stretched a...
  3. mitzi

    Cynthia Lennon, first wife of John Lennon, dies of cancer

    That was a beautiful tribute to his mom. She was a gorgeous young woman. Sad.
  4. mitzi

    GUILTY UT - Brianne Altice for child sexual abuse, Davis County, 2015

    I agree with SStar! I also can't believe the outfit she wore to appear in court...the RED, sexy blouse and black pencil skirt. Geesh!
  5. mitzi

    Missing persons window on right side of page

    Dave...I am not a mobile user. This is occurring on my regular desktop computer screen...just wanted to let you know.
  6. mitzi

    Missing persons window on right side of page

    Me too! Me no likey, either. I thought it was just me...I cannot read here if it stays this way. I have macular degeneration and I have enuf trouble as it is to read here. This is crazy!
  7. mitzi

    Roy Kronk suing Casey Anthony

    Probably cuz he was in lurve with Cindy Anthony. :)
  8. mitzi

    GUILTY NV - Tammy Meyers, 44, fatally shot at her Las Vegas home, 12 Feb 2015 - #5

    I am still on thread #1. I have macular degeneration and recently it became worse, so my reading is very limited. (I use a magnifying glass)...Could some kink soul please give me a brief synopsis of the case until now? I have read just to the part that they arrested the man from the shooter...
  9. mitzi

    High school boy's laser cat yearbook photo quest

    My jaw literally dropped when I read your post. So sad to read sounds like he was an involved young man, so why did he commit suicide?
  10. mitzi

    Peterson charged with plotting to kill the prosecutor who got him imprisoned

    Yup! DP probably is loving the publicity!
  11. mitzi

    NYC - 'Numerous' fatalities in train collision, fire

    Another thing I do at RR tracks: I see so many pullright up to the gate that is down...what if that train suddenly derailed? Their car could be crushed! If I am the front car, I stay at least a car length, sometimes two car lengths back from the gate. If people behind me don't like it, too...
  12. mitzi

    Dr. Mark Weinberger is a free man now, what happens next?

    WOW! He's from my area of Indiana, but I've never heard of this case!
  13. mitzi

    GUILTY GA - Rusty Sneiderman shot to death at Dunwoody preschool, 18 Nov 2010 #5

    Interesting comments below this article! Not one is positive for Andrea...all want her back in jail. She better hope karma is on her side if she gets a new trial!
  14. mitzi

    Rape allegations mount against Bill Cosby #2

    Gee, he's not too full of himself, is he! *rolling my eyes*
  15. mitzi

    GUILTY OK - John, 50, Joy, 48, & Katherine Hruby, 17, murdered, Duncan, 9 Oct 2014

    He sure looks a lot different in his prison mug shot...not quite the 'shopaholic' anymore!
  16. mitzi

    FL - George Zimmerman arrested for aggravated assault

    If only this could happen to Casey Anthony too!
  17. mitzi

    GUILTY IN - Two killed, 7 injured as explosion rocks Indy neighborhood, 10 Nov 2012

    Drat! We are soon moving to Indianapolis, and I thought, finally, a trial I can go and sit in the courtroom...and now it has been given a change of venue! :(
  18. mitzi

    Does the flu shot really work?

    Hubby caught this and passed it to me 3 days ago. I HAD the flu shot, but I feel like I could just die! This one is an A$$-kicker!
  19. mitzi

    BREAKING NEWS: At least 3 dead as plane crashes into Gaithersburg house

    So very sad. The mother looks a lot like my own daughter. Really has hit me hard.