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    AL AL - Wanda Gordon, 49, driving from Northport to her home in Tuscaloosa, may be disoriented, 3 Nov 2022

    Northport and Tuscaloosa are right next to each other. I've ridden my bike from one to the other. Hope she's found soon!
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    Found Deceased TX - Alan White, 55, seen leaving LA Fitness, Dallas, 22 Oct 2020 #4

    VERY unusual it's still open. I'm doing probate now and two years for a guy with no kids... Crazy. I wonder if someone or some entity like an insurance company is holding things up or contesting the will.
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    GUILTY CA - Lisa Thorborg, 68, murdered on hiking trail, Carlsbad, 11/23/2020 *ARREST*

    Disgusting!!! He's the scariest kind of offender--one with no motive other than the joy of killing.
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    GUILTY NJ - Carolyn Byington, 26, killed inside her home, Plainsboro, 10 June 2019 *Arrest* #2

    I am so ready to get the details regarding the odd circumstances of this terrible crime.
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    TX - Elizabeth Barraza, 29, murdered setting up garage sale, Harris Co, Jan 2019 #3

    OMG, I had no idea it was so cold! I lived in Austin for several years and don't remember anyone having yard sales that time of year when it was that cold!
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    Found Deceased TN - Eliza "Liza" Fletcher Abducted While Jogging - Memphis #5 *Arrest*

    Weird. There's a connection between the victim's uncle and Cleotha Abston. From The Daily Mail, "Two weeks after he was released from the youth services bureau to his mother's care, he was transferred to adult court for the 2000 kidnapping of lawyer Kemper Durand - who worked in the same law...
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    Found Deceased MA - Jacqueline Coutinho, 53, Hinsdale, Berkshire County, 15 May 2019

    Oh, wow, I just noticed the connection here between the two cases. I wish we had a better explanation of this death. Would s woman walk for two hours to commit suicide? There were plenty of woods around if she didn't want family to find her.
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    PA PA - Richard Petrone 35 & Danielle Imbo 34, Philadelphia, 19 Feb 2005 #2

    it's odd that you joined only to write this message, though, and nothing before or since.
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    GUILTY NY - Orsolya Gaal, 51, body found in duffel bag, Queens, Apr 2022 *Arrest* #3

    Maybe she was one of those people who are very accepting of everyone and "love" everyone in an idealistic, nurturing way, unless given a reason not to--someone who was super positive? She seems to have incredible energy and zest for life. <modsnip> Sometimes you connect with people in a way...
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    GUILTY CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, fake abduction Nov 2016, ARREST MAR 2022 #25

    Predator Sherri? "Inside Edition" (MSM?) has a clip on their YouTube channel in which an ex-boyfriend says he dated her when he was 15 and she was a 20 year old camp counselor! Very credible demeanor. Doesn't surprise me one bit, but YIKES!
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    NY - Elizabeth Howell, 21, SUNY Potsdam student cellist shot to death by non-student, 18 Feb 2022

    Wonder what the motive might be? The victim is a lovely music education student who doesn't seem like she would seek out the company of a guy like this. Ugh.
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    Found Deceased MI - Brendan Santo 18, visitor, Michigan State University campus, East Lansing, 29 Oct 2021

    Excellent points. Seems odd to veer off the sidewalk or road when you're in a brand new place at night, even if drunk.
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    GUILTY WI - Alexander Woodworth, stabbed 16 times by Ezra McCandless

    Jason, whose best friend "cheated" on him with EM (whom he'd rejected after her pregnancy and abortion and was not at all the stand up guy he wants everyone to think he is), told her there was a crude message in the men's bathroom at the cafe, so this may have been part of the motive. Plus, Alex...
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    Found Alive UT - Madelyn Allen, 19, seen leaving Snow College dorm, Ephraim, 13 Dec 2021

    I think this case shows that people are VERY complex and we have no idea what their intentions, thoughts, or feelings are deep down. I'm sure this didn't work out the way she imagined, but it's obvious from the video that she left of her own accord.
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    Found Alive UT - Madelyn Allen, 19, seen leaving Snow College dorm, Ephraim, 13 Dec 2021

    I wonder if she was catfished with the photo of a handsome young man and he said, "my dad will pick you up." I think she may have secretly read or watched the highly idealized 50 Shades of Gray series and thought that would be "fun". She seems very naive and sheltered, but that series was one of...
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    Found Safe UK - Antonino Coppola, 23, from Richmond, Surrey, missing from Bow, East London, 16 Sep 2021

    Wonderful news but what a mystery! I too am dying to know the circumstances but understand that I am not entitled to information...
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    CA CA - Heidi Planck, 39, left son’s football game in Downey, dog found in Los Angeles, 17 Oct 2021

    Maybe the boyfriend is married and the complex is protecting his privacy as long as possible? Sounds crazy to me but its a possibility.