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  1. wallflower67

    Casey's Peacock Documentary First Look

    What does she mean no one asked why she lied? Plenty of people asked why she lied. From the moment she got to the end of the hallway at Universal Studios.
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    Figure Skater John Coughlin (33) Dies of Apparent Suicide After Being Suspended from Sport

    So was one of his partners, Bridget Namiotka. She skated with him when she was age 14 through 17. He was 18 through 21 I think.
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    Figure Skater John Coughlin (33) Dies of Apparent Suicide After Being Suspended from Sport

    Ashley Wagner: Figure skater writes she was sexually assaulted at 17 Ashley Wagner was one of his victims.
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    Figure Skater John Coughlin (33) Dies of Apparent Suicide After Being Suspended from Sport

    I think that's the only time they showed the tribute. I was watching it live online, so I saw all that went on in the arena, including the jumbotron. I thought it was pairs, though, not dance, since he was a pairs skater.
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    NV - 59 Dead, over 500 injured in Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas, 1 Oct 2017 #2

    Card counting is only used in Blackjack though, where a 6 deck shoe is used. In poker, only one deck of cards is used. No need to count. You know what you have, you know what's on the table. You pretty much have to guess at the rest. Edit: My husband plays a lot of poker. He counts cards when...
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    "An American Murder Mystery" - Discovery ID 3 night series - 04.09 .- 11. 2017

    Same here. I can't believe it's been almost 9 years since Caylee died. My daughter is now 22. She remembers me being rabidly angry about this case and completely immersed in it, but was too young to pay much attention. Just one of crazy Mom's missing kid stories she follows! But she watched with...
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    By Accident Or On Purpose Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

    Sorry you guys have to deal with that. I have gastroparesis. At my gastric emptying test, most of the food was still in my stomach after 4 hours, at which point I was considered "failed" and sent home :-) I was told it should have taken about 2 hours, but that up to 4 hours for the amount of...
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    Was Burke Involved? # 4

    It's also possible that the GJ couldn't determine which parent had murdered JB. For 20 years, I've been a "Patsy did it" person. I am now being swayed to the BDI side. The parents are accessories after the fact, though, so Burke can't confess until JR is dead. Not that I'm predicting he will.
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    Was BR involved? #2

    I haven't watched it yet, but from the previews, it looks to me like Burke is somewhere on the Autism spectrum. My daughter is, and she's been in many social groups, so I've been exposed to a lot of kids and young adults with autism.
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    Michael Jackson ~ new accuser files

    I had always assumed MJ was guilty, and had stopped listening to his music. After his death, I read a book written by a woman who stated she fully assumed, that, after investigating, (reviewing court records, etc.) she would continue to think he was guilty. Instead, she said the facts she saw...
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    Legendary Artist Prince Found Dead at 57 #1

    Just realized the autopsy said self-administered, not self-injected. Opens up more possibilities. It's very easy to OD on Fentanyl patches, even when using the prescribed dose. We always start them out on the lowest possible does (depends on how much Opiods they are used to taking... a hospice...
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    Legendary Artist Prince Found Dead at 57 #1

    I'm a pharmacist, and while I work in a hospital and have little retail experience, I can pretty much guarantee you Prince didn't get injectable Fentanyl from Walgreens. I'm quite familiar with the drug, and we only give it to people who are monitored for breathing and other vitals. I'm guessing...
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    Legendary Artist Prince Found Dead at 57 #1

    Now I really am wondering if the "flu" he had been battling for weeks was really him trying to wean himself off the pain meds. Withdrawal from opiates makes one a horrible mess. See below for a link for symptoms. People who don't realize they are physically dependent can actually think they have...
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    Legendary Artist Prince Found Dead at 57 #1

    Adding here that celebrities often push themselves very hard. I saw Heart in concert close to 30 years ago. The night I saw her performance, I could not tell Ann Wilson was really, really sick with the stomach flu and had been vomiting and having diarrhea for two days. She probably was receiving...
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    Legendary Artist Prince Found Dead at 57 #1

    I thought maybe instead of an OD, it was an allergic reaction to an antibiotic he was taking for a secondary infection. He would need a shot for anaphylaxis. I'm holding out for a pneumonia cause of death until proven otherwise!
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    Utah,Woman Learns the Man who Stalked Her for a Decade was Her Husband!

    My first fiance stalked me like this, back in the days before emails and cell phones. They were perverted phone calls in the middle of the night, the person knowing where I had been, etc. I was very young...late teens. He would then try to make me feel a protector. After we broke...
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    4 years later, what do we think of the case / verdict now?

    I, personally, agree. But I think there would have been a better chance of conviction had she not been up for the death penalty. The duct tape was all it took to convince me too, but I also knew about everything else there was to know. I spent months looking at each piece of evidence. The jury...
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    4 years later, what do we think of the case / verdict now?

    I think she was overcharged with the death penalty. Maybe even with 1st degree murder. Maybe in the closing arguments, JA could have mentioned the other things the jury could find her guilty of. Jerice was just convicted of Jhessye Shockley's murder, and there was less evidence there. Not even a...
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    Interview with Casey - Is it finally happening this time?

    I'll be honest and admit I still hate Casey too. Or at least don't forgive her. Whenever I ask myself if I feel better about the trial, her lies, etc, my brain and heart immediately say, "Nope nope nope." No hesitation. I don't check this forum much anymore. If someone uploads her interview to...