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  1. Darlene733510

    JonBenet's Skull Fractures: The Weapon

    I think about the white blanket in the dryer. Wouldn't Patsy be the one who knew it was there, using it to wrap around JB? Wasn't there discussion about a similar blanket on the parent's bed? Another discussion is that the blanket on JB's bed was much too large for a twin bed? I wish I had...
  2. Darlene733510

    JonBenet's Skull Fractures: The Weapon

    It's been a long while since I posted, but I remember that in the wine cellar there was a bucket, or maybe an empty 5 gallon paint bucket. There were items in there that we were trying to identify. Plumbers had been at the house and I thought that maybe the things in the bucket were wrenches...
  3. Darlene733510

    Dr. Phil Interviews Burke Ramsey (9/12 & 9/13 2016)

    Burke is 29 or 30 years old, yet he looks like some young lad who smiles all the time. Is this because he did away with his sister, and knows he got away with killing her, and will never be prosecuted? I think this guy still has a lot of mental problems. I wonder if he is still going to...
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    You're so Vain by Carly Simon mystery man

    Carly's sister was married to David Levine. That's the only David I can think of.
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    What's eating you alive re this case?

    There was a piece of wire found near JB. I remember that in the RN it mentioned beheading of JB. The wire near her had a knot in it. Could someone be so vicious as to actually think of beheading this child? Did someone use this wire on JB, and then couldn't continue, and then used the...
  6. Darlene733510

    Does Pam Paugh Know Anything About JB's Murder?

    If I remember correctly, the gifts were opened as though a knife had been used, not just torn open. We know BR's knife was found nearby. The knife had been hidden by the housekeeper, and PR knew where LP hid the knife. So.....was that knife given back to BR, or did PR use it to slit those...
  7. Darlene733510

    What's eating you alive re this case?

    What really bothers me is that there is so much evidence locked away, and it will stay there unless someone really wants to get to the bottom of this. I've been hoping that Charley Brennan would do something, and maybe he will. I can't understand how those who know what really happened can go...
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    RDI Theories & Discussion ONLY!

    I wonder if BR could have reached the latch on the top of the door if he stood on the chair that was nearby? Another thing.....were there 2 white blankets in the wc, or 1. I know I read somewhere that JB and her parents had the same white blankets on their beds; of course the one on the...
  9. Darlene733510

    A month ago JonBenet's Birthday. Aug 6 1990

    Don't feel bad Tricia. I am dealing with a Husband with Alzheimer's and Dementia, having new floors put down in the house, and everything is upside down. Today I went out to get the morning paper so I could find out what day it is. You are not alone!!
  10. Darlene733510

    A new thought

    I have always thought it odd that when PR called all the friends to come to the house, the Stines were not called. Perhaps that is because they did know something........then there was the thought that perhaps DS was at the R 's that night, and was to go to MI with them. Was DS there, and he...
  11. Darlene733510

    The Flashlight.....

    Would the basement light(s) be on during the staging? I don't see how everything could have been done to JBR with only the FL as a light source. I have to wonder if the neighbors would have noticed if the lights were on in the basement. We seem to think that JB lost urine on the carpet, before...
  12. Darlene733510

    The Whites seek the release of the Ramsey indictment in its entirety

    What if they don't have those records because they were destroyed? Could it be possible? The way some of the people conducted themselves, anything is probable. This brings to mind DR. Boeuf, who refused to give access to certain medical records. I wouldn't put anything past these...
  13. Darlene733510

    Patsy Ramsey

    I don't recall reading anything about the questioning of BR, and if he was there with JBR enjoying the pineapple. The glass with the teabag in it.....did they ask him if he had tea that evening, or did the parents tell him to say he was asleep, and didn't hear anything?
  14. Darlene733510

    Patsy Ramsey

    It's easy to say there was not proof of something, but I disagree. We have only 10 o/o of the evidence - what would the other 90 o/o tell us. The GJ, even after LS made his presentation, voted to charge the R's. They were guilty of child abuse, and I believe both children suffered because of it.
  15. Darlene733510

    Why the DNA may NOT be important

    ATOH - that is what I have been saying. If the DNA belonged to BR, we would never know, and because of his age he could not be prosecuted. When ML exonerated the Ramsey's, I believe that pertained to JR and PR only.
  16. Darlene733510

    Patsy Ramsey

    When ML exonerated the R's, because of the DNA, her letter of apology went to JR and PR. We know that because of his age, BR could not have been accused, or prosecuted. His DNA could have been there, but never mentioned. Stating that the R's were exonerated, I believe, referred to J & P. The...
  17. Darlene733510

    Happenings of December 26

    Of course we all form our own opinions, but the opinion, and the decision of the GJ must not be ignored. They surely didn't believe the fiasco that was presented by LS. The did indict both R's, and we have never heard or read of what went on as far as testimony of people, and all the evidence...
  18. Darlene733510

    Was Burke involved?

    If the GJ had asked for the medical records, would they have been provided, or was it AH who made the decision about them? If the records were provided, then we won't ever know. I believe these records hold deep dark secrets that led to this tragedy. I wonder what was said when the teachers...
  19. Darlene733510

    If you could ask a Ramsey a question...

    I would ask this question: "When did you find out that a child BR's age could not be prosecuted, and who told you about this law?"
  20. Darlene733510

    Poll: Will this case ever be solved?

    Hi otg - so the GJ could have asked PR and JR to testify? Wouldn't we all like to see the transcript of what was said, and who said it. Of course AH let LS recite his fiasco of what could have happened. I wonder how many of them bought that nonsense!