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    Lies point us to the truth #2

    If I remember correctly, there were matching crime scene fibers found on the cloth neck of one of JonBenet's American Girl dolls. Also a cord the doll manufacturer used to attach the doll's head and body was found somewhere near JonBenet's body (maybe used as the ligature around her neck???)...
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    Lies point us to the truth #2

    If I remember correctly, John Ramsey's secretary ordered the doll per John's instructions and had it sent directly to John's business address. Seems like it was, maybe, a week or two after JonBenet died. Details could likely be found with an Internet search.
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    What are your thoughts on the Jonbenet case?

    Here's my opinion as to why she was killed: it began with an accidental careless action that injured JonBenet's head and made it appear to the untrained eye to be a lethal blow. Whoever was responsible for the blow tried to cover up the accident by staging a strangulation, thinking JonBenet was...
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    Lies point us to the truth #2

    Just for the record, I don't believe JonBenet was murdered. I think the situation and facts as known by the public suggest an accidental death (still a homicide yet not necessarily murder with intent). Depending on which state one lives in, the legal definitions of various degrees of murder is...
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    What are your thoughts on the Jonbenet case?

    I think it likely Burke had been prepped by his parents about how to respond while being interviewed. They may have told him something (truth or not) about what happened to JonBenet, something that would fit the details of her death but not necessarily the truth.
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    KY KY - Glasgow, Barren River Lake, OtherFem 2-3, UP100, In Suitcase on Lake Shore, Dec'd Several Months, Aug'89

    Here is a link to a map of the lake and Skaggs Creek where the suitcase was found (see red "blob" which marks the spot). Google Maps This area is not in the direct path of the river bed (Barren River) and it is just a few hundred yards from the Barren River Dam. The river bed is just below the...
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    What are your thoughts on the Jonbenet case?

    I think the Grand Jury got it right when they filed true bills against John and Patsy but then Hunter wouldn't enter the Grand Jury recommendation so a trial could be pursued. I still think Patsy is responsible and John supported her. They aren't going to try a dead person. But then, Steve...
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    Lies point us to the truth #2

    I like what Lou Smit said to the Ramseys: that the pineapple was the big "bugaboo" in this case. In other words, the pineapple in JonBenet's stomach refuted much of what the Ramseys said about their arrival home from the Whites. Apparently John and Patsy then developed what some of us called...
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    Lies point us to the truth #2

    Not sure what happened to my post that linked A Candy Rose to this topic, but I'll try again. Anyone wanting information that can be gleaned on the Internet will find a lot of good links: s-Flight755-15thStreet.htm
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    Lies point us to the truth #2

    Here's a starter for finding out about the meeting in Georgia: JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case: The Denver Post Also check post #312 Media Links Only for an analysis on Patsy Ramsey and deception.
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    Media Links Only

    January 13, 2021, four professionals analyze Patsy Ramsey's body language.
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    Identified! VA - Annandale, WhtFem ~60, 245UFVA, 'NO CODE, DNR, No Penicillin', Dec'96 #2 Joyce Meyer Sommers

    FYI In case it's needed, here's a link to the Babyland burials in the cemetery. I filtered all children born after 1980 who died before 1997. Memorials in Pleasant Valley Memorial Park - Find a Grave
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    Identified! PA - Philadelphia, 'Boy in the Box', WhtMale 4-6, 4UMPA, Feb'57 #2 - Joseph Augustus Zarelli

    Has anyone see MsSuzanne since June 2021? She has been a real warrior over the years for this case.
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    KY KY - Scottsville, WhtMale 20-30, UP95, knee injury, poss drug abuser, Aug'83

    Based on the location where the body was found and past incidents in the same general area, I'd speculate the body came from Tennessee or at least came through Tennessee from another state farther south. It happens that way a few times a year around here. If it was a local person someone would...
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    KY KY - Ronald 'Brett' Kinser, 25, Bowling Green, 23 Dec 1993

    The area where the wreck occurred has been obliterated due to new highways being built, a new Interstate interchange being built, and rerouting of old highways. Do an Internet search for "junction of Hwy 234 and Cumberland Trace." That should get you to the general area. The road that parallels...
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    JonBenet - Case Status

    Here's page 4 of a photocopy of the autopsy report: Coroner: JonBenet Ramsey Autopsy JonBenet was 47" in length and weighed and estimated 45 pounds.
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    GUILTY TN - Lisa, 55, & Joel Guy Sr, 61, dismembered, Knoxville, 25 Nov 2016 *Son Arrested*

    Here is a link to the parents' obituary:
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    KY KY - Crystal Rogers, 35, Bluegrass Parkway, 3 July 2015 #3

    This may have nothing to do with what's going on in Bardstown but it is interesting news and Hardin County adjoins Nelson County: KSP Seizes Cocaine and Cash
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    KY KY - Crystal Rogers, 35, Bluegrass Parkway, 3 July 2015 #3

    Updates: FBI Louisville now lead investigators in Crystal Rogers case Crystal Rogers Task Force
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    KY KY - Glasgow, Narrows Boat Ramp in Barren River, WhtFem 45-60, UP111, bound/tied & weighted down in lake, fully clothed, Jun'84

    If it was Warren County, I'd hazard a guess that the body was dumped from a semi coming off Interstate 65. There are plenty of good places to access the river in Warren County. If Barren County then I'd speculate something different. Its probably a misprint and should be Barren County else...