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  1. Gypseagirl

    Verdict is in! GUILTY of MURDER ONE - Hung Jury On Penalty Phase

    :banghead:I'm just lost for words at the moment!!!:banghead:
  2. Gypseagirl

    Penalty Phase - Verdict Watch

    I don't even have a response to her so called interview of lies!!!!!!! My prediction: DP
  3. Gypseagirl

    Penalty Phase #13

    Good Morning my Fellow Sleuthers!!!!!!!! We all know that when/if JA speaks today it will be full of BS. I have earplugs just in case if anyone is interested. :)
  4. Gypseagirl

    Penalty Phase #13

    I'm kinda thinking she would rather have life (though I could be wrong here) because she has this need to be around people that cater and compliment her and also that she can manipulate. I don't think she really wants death-because that is something negative happening to "her". My thought she...
  5. Gypseagirl

    Did Travis know Arias was coming to his house the night he was murdered?

    Renee-I agree with you. I don't think he knew at all. She could not take a chance of anybody knowing that she was going to "murder" TA. I don't think we will ever know what really transpired.
  6. Gypseagirl

    aggravation phase #9 - VERDICT - Extreme Cruelty PROVEN

    I'm thinking Donovan. That would be my guess. I believe she is an ex-inmate.
  7. Gypseagirl

    Aggravated waiting for the aggravation phase #6

    BBM = I so agree.....................Jodi Who????? Justice for Travis!!!!!!!!
  8. Gypseagirl

    Aggravated waiting for the aggravation phase #6

    Curious.......I was wondering what color was the ribbon JA's Gma was wearing. She seemed to be the only one wearing a ribbon.
  9. Gypseagirl

    Aggravated waiting for the aggravation phase #6

    Maybe they are getting her ready for her permanent residence......23 hours alone time and 1 hour alone time outside of her cell. :rockon:
  10. Gypseagirl

    Aggravated waiting for the aggravation phase #6

    Good Morning my fellow Sleuthers!!!!!!! Now that JA is back in her jail cell.....hopefully court will still be on for tomorrow.
  11. Gypseagirl


    Personally, i'm not worried about them seeing it. They all know that JA is a habitual liar.
  12. Gypseagirl


    I hear rumors her father is ill and could not make it. As for the siblings-I'm not sure. I would think they would be there for the verdict unless-they just weren't close to each other at all. I'm still puzzled why grandma was walking (pretty good actually) out of the courthouse and needed a...
  13. Gypseagirl


    Mom, Aunt and Grandmother from what I could see. also the grandmother "walked" out of the court building. I really don't know what the wheelchair was for in court.
  14. Gypseagirl

    verdict watch 5/7/2013 #2

    I'm guessing by the way they dress-maybe we will know. That is going to be my guess.....since they were dressed down yesterday. I still believe they will come back with Murder 1. IMO-even if the jury does not know everything that the media was covering and so forth......all the evidence they...
  15. Gypseagirl

    Amanda Berry (2003), Gina deJesus (2004), & Michelle Knight (2002) found alive! #2

    This is awesome news!!!!!!! Very thankful the neighbor just did not ignore the plea for help.
  16. Gypseagirl

    Verdict Watch 05/06/2013 and 05/07/2013

    Good Morning Sleuthers!!!!!!! We are another day closer to Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!