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  1. m1279

    Deceased/Not Found IL - Zaraz Walker, 7 months, reported 5 days later, Bloomington, 8 Feb 2022 *mom guilty insanity*

    This is local to me and there is absolutely nothing to go on beyond that police bulletin. The comments on the BPD's Facebook post are all speculating and people wanting more information.
  2. m1279

    Tickets on Sale Now for CrimeCon'18

    I'm interested as well! I wanted to go this year but couldn't justify the funds.
  3. m1279

    Found Deceased IL - Jamie Harroun, 40, Galesburg, 31 October 2016

    Bumping for Jamie. Still no new information, reward now being offered for information.
  4. m1279

    Found Deceased IL - Jamie Harroun, 40, Galesburg, 31 October 2016

    The person to have seen her last (pic on her FB) is reportedly cooperating with police, according to the Missing page on FB.
  5. m1279

    Found Deceased IL - Jamie Harroun, 40, Galesburg, 31 October 2016

    There are pics on the FB page of her truck and license plate, several pics of her. I can't figure out how to post them on here though! l know they've filed a formal police report and have fliers and t-shirts made up, there's talk of a search being organized for this weekend.
  6. m1279

    Found Deceased IL - Jamie Harroun, 40, Galesburg, 31 October 2016 Link to her missing page on Facebook
  7. m1279

    Found Deceased IL - Jamie Harroun, 40, Galesburg, 31 October 2016

    I believe it's her bf who posted back on the 1st. This case hits VERY close to home for brother went to school with Jamie and we have a lot of the same friends on Facebook. I'll see if I can get in touch with someone connected to the case and get them to post here. ETA....a friend of...
  8. m1279

    SIDEBAR #48 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Nore, bless you! I'm keeping your furbaby in my thoughts tonight. They really our like our children. That little man is so lucky to have you. Happy Easter everyone! I had a relaxed day with my parents. Still going through a rough patch with my siblings and haven't been allowed to see my...
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    SIDEBAR #48 - Arias/Alexander forum

    I'm not on here as often as I used to be but I love ya Kensie! Hope all is well, beautiful lady.
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    SIDEBAR #48 - Arias/Alexander forum

    SL, I'm SO so sorry about your Tobi. I cannot even fathom. My Sam is 14 this spring. I'm so sorry for your loss. These furbabies become such a huge part of our lives. Please know that you did the best for Tobi. He's no longer in pain or feeling ill. I know that's of little consolation...
  11. m1279

    SIDEBAR #48 - Arias/Alexander forum

    My big babies, Sam and Lola, snuggling with me on the couch tonight. :) ETA: Yikes! I hope this didn't blow the margins! I had no idea the pic would be so big!
  12. m1279

    SIDEBAR #48 - Arias/Alexander forum

    All of the retirement talk the past few days makes me think of my parents. My dad is 65 and just retired at the end of February. He'd been with the same company for 43 years! He's driving my mom crazy lol. He's SO bored being at home. I guess because of SS laws (or something like that) he...
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    SIDEBAR #47 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Well thank you Ms. Zuri! I should no better than to try to hide from you all ;) lol. I'm doing ok...went back to treatment and now doing extensive outpatient treatment. Addiction is a b****. Catching up after some time away. So I'm late to the party, but watching JA's secret testiphony...
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    VERDICT WATCH - Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Retrial Day 45

    I'm sick to my stomach, I can't believe how emotional I am right now. Whatever the verdict, I'm glad I'm here with you all.
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    SIDEBAR #43 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Hey everyone! I'm just now starting to get caught up on the closing statements from today, I'm so far behind and I hate it. Worked all day and had a meeting tonight. Is there any way I can get someone to text me when the verdict comes in? My family and my friends think I'm nuts for being so...
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    SIDEBAR #39 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Holy buckets! Ugh. I'm only on page 17 of her disgusting "novel" and I see no end in sight! I've had to walk away from my computer probably 10 times already. I'm absolutely FUMING for the Alexander family.
  17. m1279

    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 23

    Happy Birthday DGC!! Thank you for all that you do! :) I've been gone for awhile and got caught up (for the most part) over the weekend. I sure didn't miss much in the last month. :gaah:
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    SIDEBAR #35 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Happy Sunday WS friends. I'm curled up under a blanket on this cold, foggy morning. Yesterday was my 35th bday and I was in bed by 9pm. lol Please say a prayer for my sweet Sam. He's 14 and I've been his mama since he was a few weeks old. He's not doing very well lately and we're going...
  19. m1279

    Found Deceased UT - Kayelyn Louder, 30, Murray, 27 September 2014

    I can't get this sweet girl out of my head this weekend. Last night I was watching one of the tribute videos from her wake, over and over. RIP Kayelyn and prayers for peace to your family.