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  1. auntbaby

    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #3

    Praying for you Adji. We will NEVER forget you...
  2. auntbaby

    Life after Casey! How do you cope?

    I'll probably follow the many appeals in this case if she is found guilty. The one thing I will do is to take a little extra time every night to pray even harder that this does not happen to another helpless child anywhere.
  3. auntbaby

    IF the DEATH PENALTY wasn't on the table would the the Anthonys still try to save her

    Like many, over the years now, I have felt sympathy for the Anthony's, Cindy, George, and Lee to varying degrees at times. But since Cindy's start of testimony this week, I find it , once again, hard to think of her as a sympathetic character. When she looks at the prosecution, at times I felt...
  4. auntbaby

    Who do you believe? Dr. G or Dr. S?

    I didn't once get the feeling that Dr. S could not remember as much as he chose not to remember. I think it had less to do with memory and much to do with EGO. It seemed like he skewed every answer as far in favor of the defense as he possibly could and still tell the truth even if it didn't...
  5. auntbaby

    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #3

    All caught up in the Anthony trial but you are never far from our thoughts little one. Prayed so hard again today that soon you would be found so that those who love and miss you can honor you once more and lay you to rest, quieting the seeking hearts and restless minds, finding closure. Also...
  6. auntbaby

    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #3

    So glad to see Adji was added to NG's 50 in 50 days. Was so sweet and so heartbreaking at the same time to see his little face on the screen again. I still can't help but think that because the community that Adji is from is such an economically strained one that if they upped the reward enough...
  7. auntbaby

    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #3

    I don't come here as much anymore. But when I do this is the first place I come to. Such incredible sadness comes over me to think that this precious child seems to have meant and continues to mean so little to the world. Little Caylee and others deserve all the press they received after they...
  8. auntbaby

    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #3

    Dear Little Man, I think of you so often, more often than I think of many of my relatives. Like many , I have prayed for you, shed tears for you, been angry for you. I pray that wherever you are, that you are at peace now. No fear, no hunger, no pain, nothing bad at all. Only good for you Jiji...
  9. auntbaby

    Lp going to bail out mc

    If LP does bond her out, for me he will join Gloria Allred on TOP of the list of the most blatant media chasing, attention seeking, "hey look at me" ers in the world. Pitiful.
  10. auntbaby

    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #2

    Just stopping by to offer a prayer for you JiJi, to pray for your family, and those who love you still today and always.
  11. auntbaby

    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #2

    Adji, I haven't been here on the WS site since August. And yet not one day has gone by when I have not thought of you, prayed for you. Your sweet face will be forever in my mind and your memory will be forever in my heart. I think of your family and how they must feel. I pray that wherever...
  12. auntbaby

    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #2

    I haven't been here in awhile. This little fellow's case just hit me ( like some of the other posters here) so hard. I think of him every day. Why his case? I have no earthly idea. Maybe he seemed to be pushed to the side by the media and never had the following on this site like I wished he'd...
  13. auntbaby

    GUILTY NE - Evelyn Verdugo Paniagua, 3, raped & murdered, South Sioux City, 23 May 2009

    GOD bless the soul of this helpless innocent baby. And bless her family and those who love her. Horrible crimes such as this are simply not fathomable to me. This man and others like him are not human. This tiny child was killed by an animal, an animal who should never be allowed to experience...
  14. auntbaby

    CA - Angelo Mendoza maimed 4yo son, ate his eye, Bakersfield, 2009 *Insanity*

    Dear GOD in Heaven have mercy on this child. There are some stories so awful that you just can't comprehend them. Monster! a true and real monster.
  15. auntbaby

    LA - Pedophile at my childs school!!!

    [/B] (bolded my me) Truer words were never spoke. This cannot be repeated enough. The number of recognized sexual offenders is just a small percentage of actual offenders. They come from many walks of life, educated, uneducated, ugly, handsome, the bum on the corner and the admired local...
  16. auntbaby

    All things swine flu (H1N1)

    I don't mind telling anyone that I am afraid. We have confirmed cases here in Indiana and two probable here in our town of maybe 12,000(that includes alot of outlying areas) and more maybes everyday now. I have asthma and breathing restrictions anyway so it causes me more fear than maybe some. I...
  17. auntbaby

    Cindy was going to commit Suicide?? CLOSED FOR REVIEW CHECK BACK LATER

    This far down the line, with all the "mistruths out there" from Cindy especially, it is impossible to tell if she did or didn't. I feel for the grandparents who lost a special baby girl. I have hard feelings against the parents who blindly support a woman who did not care enough to report her...
  18. auntbaby

    2009.04.22 & 2009.04.23 GA & CA Excl. Intvw: CBS The Early Show (Inc. Outtakes)

    The "interview" wasn't worth watching. She asked no hard questions of the Anthony's. And Cindy Anthony's demeanor was so achingly unreal. She was controlling herself so tightly that at times you could barely hear her. Totally unlike her last on camera appearances. Acting is not her forte. George...
  19. auntbaby

    The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell

    :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Somewhere Out There A dream is coming true. It's like something in a movie or favorite book. I am so happy to have been able to see it. And it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  20. auntbaby

    The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell

    I have watched this video so many times. I cried every time. What an astounding voice. And to hear her sing a song that fits her so well not only in terms of voice but of circumstance. Amazing. What a wonderful thing. Simon Cowell is going to help her. He may be nasty but even he has a heart it...