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    Still Missing NC - Zebb Quinn, 18, Asheville, 2 Jan 2000 *Arrest in 2017*

    To my mind the lips drawn on the car is something a female is more likely to do, and the puppy, (so glad she got a good home with one of the detectives on the case) to me it seems like Misty may have played Zeb for whatever reason, poor guy was crazy over her, and the boyfriend didn't like his...
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    CA CA - Bob Harrod Last Seen at Home in Placentia - #20

    I believe this was all about money, the son-in-law pops out for supplies and in that small time frame Bob 'disappears', really..?
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    Australia - The Black Knight: Katherine Knight - 2001

    I watched her case on Crimes that shocked Australia last night, what an horrendous woman to do that to someone, she was also violent to her previous three partners, and killed innocent dogs and puppies who never did her any harm, I'm totally a non-violent person but I hope she is beaten to a...
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    MI - Bianca Jones, 2, Detroit, 2 Dec 2011 - #4 - *D. Lane guilty*

    He's an evil man, and the mother is one strange tulip, people saw him beat the child, and his other kids but she won't hear a bad word against him, the kindest thing I can find to say about her is she doesn't come across as the sharpest tool in the box. There's no way Bianca Jones still alive.
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    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - #15

    The Disappeared episode of this case was aired again here in the UK the other day, it reaffirmed my thinking that dad was angry about her crashing his car and let her know it (who wouldn't, I would've been pretty pissed), I could see the discomfort in his voice and eyes when he spoke of it and I...
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    KY KY - Andrea Knabel, 36, mother of two, Audubon Park, Louisville, 13 Aug 2019 #2

    Watching the Disappeared episode I thought the dad was wrestling with his inner thoughts, came across to me that he had a suspicion Sarah may have been involved and he coped with that by following up with every lead, no matter how preposterous it may be.
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    KY KY - Andrea Knabel, 36, mother of two, Audubon Park, Louisville, 13 Aug 2019 #2

    Why wouldn't Sarah or Ethan talk to Joe Fanciulli ?
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    UK UK - Inga-Maria Hauser, 18, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, 6 April 1988

    I wonder why a reward hasn't been offered lately?
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    UK UK - Inga-Maria Hauser, 18, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, 6 April 1988

    I watched the BBC Murder in the Badlands prog about Inga, interesting and tragic case, there is a suspect and people who know who he is but won't talk, how to get them to spill the beans?
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    Casey is dating man with daughter who doesn’t care about her past

    Stole money from her own gran' as well didn't she..? What a tool.
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    Found Deceased TN - David Riemens, 60, Watertown, 8 Aug 2012

    This case bothers me, too. the tracker dog indicated he got into another car near his own one, so he didn't walk anywhere, he was in good shape, just natural aches and pains from years of toiling with heavy rocks, I don't personally believe he had a medical event. Why has no-one connected with...
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    NC NC - Jamie Fraley, 22, Gastonia, 8 Apr 2008

    Greetings to fellow sleuthers across the pond, still nothing yet on this?
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    CA CA - Alicia Stokes, 33, Oakland, 25 Nov 2007

    Aaron did it, he didn't want to lose his cash cow, the two of them had a right barney before she disappeared, he wanted her money to feed his addiction. LE know this, frustrating they don't have the evidence to prove it.
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    GUILTY MI - Danielle Marzejka, 18 & Seren Bryan, 19, Homicide, in shed, Clinton Township, 26 Aug 2018

    Hi all, watched the Murder Tapes ep. of this last night. Such a tragedy, the couple seemed to be lovely people. Anyone found out/got theory about motive? Saw Marzejka's interviews and don't buy the insantity thing, also he was sane enough to wear a wig, hat and go on the lam. Wonder if he had a...
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    Sentencing and beyond- JA General Discussion #9

    Anyone know how the civil case she filed against Kirk Nurmi is going, or is it settled? Hope she lost/loses, seems to me she has too much time on her hands and plots what she can do next to gain attention or hurt someone, the woman is a waste of space.
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    Sentencing and beyond- JA General Discussion #9

    'Beating a dead horse' is such a cruel phrase, I wish people wouldn't use it
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    TX TX - Two women named Mary Morris slain, Harris County, 12 & 15 Oct 2000

    Why would the hubby of second Mary not allow police to talk with the daughter? I'd put my money on him.
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    OH OH - Dawn Glanz, 66, Bowling Green, 9 May 2013

    I watched the Cold Justice that featured this case, the husband obviously did this, why hasn't a Grand Jury been convened to start the ball rolling on getting this guy??