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  1. cnmccarthy

    GUILTY NY - Karina Vetrano, 30, jogger found murdered, Queens, 2 Aug 2016 #5 *First trial MISTRIAL*
  2. cnmccarthy

    GUILTY CO - Makayla Roberts, 10, & Hannah Marshall, 8, slain, Norwood, June 2017 *Arrests*
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    Found Deceased NH - Trish Haynes, 26, Grafton/Danbury, Jun/Jul 2018
  4. cnmccarthy

    Found Deceased MD - David Gipson Smith, 28, Howard County, 6 Aug 2017

    Family is still very active on the missing page they have for him. :(
  5. cnmccarthy

    Found Deceased TX - Jeannie Quinn, 20, Abilene, 14 Apr 2018 *Arrest* “The man who’s been named a person of interest in the case since 2018 still can’t be charged, according to the Abilene Police Department. “The person of...
  6. cnmccarthy

    TN - Stefanie Johnson, 36, found deceased, Clarion Inn, Knoxville, 27 Nov 2019 *arrests* Looks like one of their trials is next year. Hard to believe they still haven’t gone to trial!
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    UK UK - April Fabb, 13, Metton, Norfolk, 8 April 1969
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    LA LA - Terrance Duplush, 47, Gonzales, 12 Sept 2015
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    MA MA - Jan Stackhouse, 52, Stockbridge, 1 May 2005
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    WI - Erin Bushek, 35, La Crosse, 2 Jun 2018
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    Found Deceased NM - Jose Flores, 26, Ruidoso, 25 June 2017

    Bump. It’s so sad when these cases have no updates.
  12. cnmccarthy

    Found Deceased CA - Joseph 'Joe' Barriga-Crawford, 26, Willow Creek, 23 May 2017

    Was Joe registered as a sex offender? Is this him?
  13. cnmccarthy

    GUILTY TX - Ashton Glover, 16, Sugar Land, 6 July 2006

    I realized the other day that Sean is likely out of prison by now but I am not the best sleuth. Can anyone following this case let me know if they can find anything regarding this? I knew all three of them (grew up with them and ran in the same friendship circles). My friends and I were always...
  14. cnmccarthy

    MO - Woman escapes from Excelsior Springs house, says she's been held against her will since September 2022

    I’m very glad investigators are now taking the possibility of more victims seriously. IMO
  15. cnmccarthy

    IN IN - Nakyla Williams, 24, Last Seen @ Abandoned Home, may be in Flint, MI, Indianapolis, 9 Nov 2021 “About three weeks after her disappearance, IMPD shared on social media that investigators believed Williams may have traveled to Flint, Michigan...
  16. cnmccarthy

    Found Deceased Canada - Justin Evans, 22, Gravenhurst, Ont, 12 Dec 2020

    'They just got away with it': Mom of Gravenhurst's Justin Evans responds to end of investigation into his death On Aug. 16, Watson told Metroland he had been reassigned six months prior. The family said they were not informed of this. Metroland asked OPP multiple times who the new lead...