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    Found Alive NC - Allison Cope, 24, Raleigh, 26 June 2017 It's on their Twitter, website, and was on live tv show. It's on a red bar at top titled 'breaking news' Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Found Alive NC - Allison Cope, 24, Raleigh, 26 June 2017

    WNCN news. Twitter feed shots above. Confirmed. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Found Alive NC - Allison Cope, 24, Raleigh, 26 June 2017

    1) I understand the FBI being involved initially due to the airport angle. But once police announced in no uncertain terms that there was no crime committed on airport grounds why did they stay involved at this level? 2) why and how were they able to search the home and computers so quickly? Is...
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    Found Alive NC - Allison Cope, 24, Raleigh, 26 June 2017

    No matter who it is, it can be (or become) very stressful for 3 people to live together when 2 are close friends and 2 are romantically involved. In really looking, I do see indications of heightened stress in the past 4-6 weeks (not gonna elaborate as to not break TOS). I am hoping this points...
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    Found Deceased SC - David Oakley, 37, Anderson, 31 May 2017

    I was visiting this area last week and, looking at the map posted above, realize I stayed a a friend's house on the 7th, off of this exact exit on Ballard Rd. I did not hear anything about this. It is a rural area but people seem to be pretty aware of what is going on around them. That night a...
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    Mystery couple murdered in South Carolina, 1976 - #6

    This is interesting. I grew up in the 70's in a county near Sumter and the "history" of the Jewish families there were well known and documented bc there were basically only 3-4 families. This was also true in a couple of other surrounding counties. I'm visiting family (now in NC) for the...
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    Found Deceased NY - Sheila Abdus-Salaam, 65, Harlem, 12 April 2017

    According to article, she had not updated her will since recently marrying him. And although he had a legal right to go after some of the money anyway, supposedly he has stated that he will decline to. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    "Greenwood Man Loses Sagging Pants While Running from Police"

    But says the chase happened early February. Lived in Greenwood for 7 years....nickname for the newspaper was The Index Finger Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Deceased/Not Found PA - Anna Maciejewska, 43, Chester County, 10 April 2017

    Also not seeing anything locally. The few links above are painfully short and sweet. And "police were informed 11th and 12th" but she was last seen 9:45 am on 10th. Friends that have set up FB missing page also are just reposting same info over and over to look for her car. Seems clear 'they'...
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    NC NC - Leila, 36, & Mary Rachel Bryan, 4, Carolina Beach, 10 May 1941

    I know this ha been quiet for a while but this case needs to. E still looked at! I found and read up on this today, as well as the Reddit thread linked above by the niece. It caught my attention because I grew up 2 hours south at Surfside Beach and all of my relatives were living along the...
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    Found Deceased SC - Brittanee Drexel, 17, Myrtle Beach, 25 April 2009 - #19

    Def see this. I grew up 12 miles outside of MB and most of the people I know are still in that area. Everything you describe about the probability of where and why the T's and their crew would be or not be certain places is spot on. I do, though, see the possibility of the NY crew knowing them...
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    48 Hours: Eleven Hundred Miles to Murder - 18 February 2017 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS

    Wow. Watched with my SO who had no prior knowledge of the case except knowing I kept up with it here. His response at the end "Well it's certainly not clear at all that he (MS) had anything to do with it . I'd need a lot more convincing" And that right there is what the defense is counting on...
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    Found Alive CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, 2 November 2016 - #14

    In reference to the "seedy underbelly" described by KP friend, the reporters said there were some huge number (25 plus I think?) registered sex offenders within a very small radius of the KP house, much much higher percentage than typical.
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    Found Alive CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, 2 November 2016 - #14

    The sheriff said last night on the 20/20 show that this was their best lead at the time, they did follow up, and they determined it was not Sherri.
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    Found Alive CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, 2 November 2016 - #14

    I watched a random Discovery ID show during a lunch break this week and it made me think of this case. It was in New Mexico and a woman was lured by another woman to her home where she was held for weeks in a homemade sexual torture chamber by the woman and her husband. The woman escaped...
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    Found Alive CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, 2 November 2016 - #13

    Quote from KP from link below: "I was just worried about her health,” he said. “Are they feeding her? Is she hot? Is she cold? Just little horrible things that I would go through" I have come to believe this isn't a hoax and that SP and KP are victims, but I think this...
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    Found Alive CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, 2 November 2016 - #13

    Yes. And when that first went down I reached out to her through her blog to sincerely ask if she thought the cops were lying, Todd was lying, or she was mistaken. Let's just say SHE DOES NOT LIKE TO BE WRONG. That coupled with her extreme LE-bashing in that case with no backtracking (which...
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    Todd Kohlhepp - Breaking News / Latest Developments

    Somewhere buried in this forum in one of the linked MSM stories on the Superbike murders it does say that the newly hired employee that was working in the garage in the back was due to be in court that week for a drug related charge, so there does seem like the was a loose drug connection there...
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    Lori Ruff Identified as Kimberly McLean of PA

    Comments from alumni seem to be referencing remembering her from at least 2 different grade schools and 2 different Jr./high schools (all Catholic schools). If correct that's a lot of moving around and adds to the understanding of no one really remembering her.
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    Lori Ruff Identified as Kimberly McLean of PA

    If you research her past addresses and google map what looks to be an address around the time she attended the Carholic school, it is most definitely affluent. Although today, that neighborhood has big, old, crumbling houses where older people have moved out and younger people are not moving in...