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    Do you think a Stungun was used?

    I can't imagine the pain of losing your child. It is something I hope I never have to experience. I do however wonder about the statement John made when he refused to have Jon Benetton exhumed. Christians believe that upon death, you are not in your body, but with the heavenly father. The...
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    Who Killed Jon Benet Ramsey? Poll

    Maybe it's due to the fact that his parents spirited him away, maybe it's due to the pineapple on the table, possibly to the fact that there was evidence of repeated trauma without evidence of a loss of virginity, or the stories of the housekeeper of finding BR and Jon Benet playing under the...
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    Why would the Ramseys need to stage?

    There is no way at this time to exonerate any family member in this crime. Burke was certainly larger than many other children who have committed murder. Parents unfortunately have killed their own children, so this would not have been the first time. Due diligence was not performed at the...
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    James Kolar Video - A Must See!!!!!

    Thanks Tricia, watching the interview the second time let me absorb it better! I think it's great having a thread just for the link! It was interesting to see who played "Big Carl", not sure she could help in the R's case though, as the murder happened in Boulder. Bet she could stir up...
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    Who molested/abused Jonbenet?

    Sorry, been out of state and my Dad's internet is ssllloooowwww to say the least. Dial up if you can believe it. People on this and other threads asked me about JR's statements. I stand corrected about Johns statements. Unfortunately I see it was Barbara Walters interview and she made the...
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    JonBenet's Skull Fractures: The Weapon

    This brings me back to JR's comment, calling JonBenet a 'little Lolita'. Who would talk about their daughter that way? Maybe the deeper PT got into the pageants, JR got more involved. Just think how much further the R's argument of an intruder would have gone, if they had filed a...
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    Are the Ramseys involved or not?

    We have discussed the Ramey actions that morning before. If you read the note, as JR supposedly had, you read the portion that states, "talk to a stray dog and your daughter dies". So what does this tell us about the R's behavior? Their actions were not centered upon a safe return of their...
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    Are the Ramseys involved or not?

    :welcome: to Websleuths!! I am so sorry for your loss. A parent should never have to bury their child. I hope is your surviving son is doing alright?
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    Steve Thomas's Theory/Murder Timeline

    PR tried to explain away the injuries with bubble baths. Certainly bubble baths can cause vaginitis, however, bubble baths will not erode away a hymen. Also....if your daughter has vaginitis not once, twice, three or four times, but 33 times in 3 years and you are still giving your child...
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    Boulder Grand Jury Voted To Indict-Boulder Dailey Camera

    The entire scene was propagated to misdirect and mislead BPD, media and naysayers. Never mind that there has never been another case like it prior to or after JonBenets death. The sad thing is, they may have gotten away scott free unless something changes with the latest revelations.
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    Questions I Have Not Found Answers To

    So you don't think JonBenet had the pink Barbie gown on earlier that night? I always figured she had changed into it, ended up downstairs eating pineapple and was changed after the events that transpired. If not, how/when did JonBenets blood get on the pink Barbie gown?
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    Boulder Grand Jury Voted To Indict-Boulder Dailey Camera

    I'm only on page 98, but on page 65 this jumped out at me: snip Dr. Werner Spitz,forensic medical examiner for Wayne County, Michigan had conducted extensive studies of the wounds caused by force and was considered a leading expert on the topic. He offered an opinion on the sequencing...
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    Questions I Have Not Found Answers To

    Agree on all counts UKGuy, which is what makes JR's comment of, "What's that doing there? That's not supposed to be there," all the more profound imho. So how did she get changed, and why into the white top that she wore to the party? Mommy guilt? As for the long johns M.James, I have no...
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    His son JAR and SL, Melinda's at that time fiance. Man, I made a lot of typos in my last post, glad you knew what I meant. :floorlaugh:
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    The ransom note & Patsy Ramsey, letter by letter.

    Hi Smelly Squirrel. I go to work, I shake hands with one of my patients family members or friends hands. They leave the hospital and go home to where their children are. Unfortunately, people do not always clean their own hands when leaving a hospital like they should. They change their...
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    1) The balxony door was locked from inside the home 2) When BPD opened the balcony door there were no footprints on the balcony. When the officer walked on the balcony to take pictures, his were the only footprints left there. There was no evidence of anyone being there prior to the BPD...
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    Boulder Grand Jury Voted To Indict-Boulder Dailey Camera

    The 2 together would be a great 1-2 punch. I just got FF late yesterday and am finding it very helpful for facts I didn't know, as well as some I had forgotten. Easy to read, lots of information and autographed besides! :great:
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    Questions I Have Not Found Answers To

    Hi M James, the silver heart was made of sequins and it was on the top that JonBenet was found in. This was the top she wore to the party on the 25th, The long johns are practical in Boulder during the winter. Comfortable to sleep in, inexpensive to replace. When I lived in Grand Junction...
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    'Prostitution of Justice' by Thomas C. "Doc" Miller

    snip: Had the law performed as envisioned a hundred years ago, even fifty years ago, John and Patsy Ramsey would have been tried for their apparent complicity in the death of JonBenet. Instead, their public relations maneuvers, their books and interviews, their lawsuits, and especially their...
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    Steve Thomas's Theory/Murder Timeline

    Thing about the pineapple, it was in a bowl that had PR and BR's fingerprints on it. No strangers fingerprints, or smudges from a stranger which made PR and BR's fingerprints from being read.