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    Somebody who knows a lot about this can enlighten me

    I read a lot of the discovery as it was released to the public, so I'm very familiar with the evidence. I also watched the trial. There was plenty of evidence to convict her. Some think because there was no cause of death, you cant convict. That's simply not true. Dr G testified that although...
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    Casey is dating man with daughter who doesn’t care about her past

    She'll put on a good show for him, and be super nice to his daughter at first. She'll play the part, just like she did in front of her friends who thought she was a good mother, but God help him if he crosses her. Anyone capable of murdering their own child for their own selfish needs, and...
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    Marcia Clark Investigates: The First 48

    I haven't watched it yet because I've been boycotting anything to do with her. When I first heard the advertisement for the show, and they were going on about "new evidence that showed someone did searches on the home computer and then tried to delete them", I felt all defensive right away...
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    Casey Hits Up Happy Hour

    I don't understand why anyone would pay her for an interview. Just a few months ago she said she has no idea what happened that day. What else is there to say? Her story has gone from .... Caylee was kidnapped to Caylee was murdered by Kronk, Jesse, a stranger, to a tragic drowning in...
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    AP: Casey Anthony Speaks in 1st Interview Since Daughter's Murder Case - 7 March 2017

    I can relate! The tv was on in the kitchen when one of the shows reported on this story, and the reaction from my family was "Oh, no, here we go". I lose all sense of control at the mere mention of her name.
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    4 years later, what do we think of the case / verdict now?

    I believe DC as far as Baez telling him not to call 911 if he found Caylee's body. I'll never forget that video of Dominic poking around in the woods near where Caylee was dumped, all the while speaking to someone on the phone. Regarding the sexual allegations, it doesn't make a difference to...
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    Interview with Casey - Is it finally happening this time?

    Did he really say he conducts his practice with high ethical standards? <cough> Yeah, OK.
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    Theories On What Happened to Caylee Part #9

    My thoughts on Zanny are that she was initially using Xanax to drug Caylee and because she's sick in the head, she thought she was being clever by referring to her nanny as Zanny. Then, when she made that visit to Sawgrass, and saw the name Zenaida, a light bulb went on, and she tucked that...
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    4 years later, what do we think of the case / verdict now?

    That jury had the option to find her guilty of lesser charges, including manslaughter due to child neglect and they couldn't even manage to convict her of that! So what makes you think they would have found her guilty of second degree (which they also had the option of doing)? For some reason...
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    4 years later, what do we think of the case / verdict now?

    I want to make everyone aware that there was a poster over at the Orlando Sentinel sight who thrived on defending FCA. This poster hated WS and bashed this site every chance he got because we deal in facts here, and not in fantasy, and also because he was banned here at one point. He will post...
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    4 years later, what do we think of the case / verdict now?

    That is what was going through my head during the entire trial ... "this jury will never believe the garbage the defense is spewing". Anyone with a lick of common sense would have laughed at that circus. When I heard the jury praise the defense team, and basically repeat every ridiculous thing...
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    4 years later, what do we think of the case / verdict now?

    Bravo! People have become wise to things like DNA and fingerprints at a crime scene, and there are now cases of spouses murdering their spouses while being sure to cover their tracks. According to the logic some people have used, if a husband discovers his wife is leaving him, he murders her...
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    Interview with Casey - Is it finally happening this time?

    Me too. I am typically not someone who holds grudges or who dwells on things, however, this case absolutely broke my heart, and I will never forget about it. She will always be at the top of my most hated list, and I will never watch an interview given by her. Why bother? We all know she...
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    Deaths of Male College Students-General Discussion #6

    Very strange. Shane Montgommery was tall with strawberry blonde hair and was attending college at West Chester University.
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    Deaths of Male College Students-General Discussion #6

    I was just coming here to see if anyone posted about Shane Montgommery. I live near where he went missing and have been following the case. I don't understand why he would go to a bar with friends and then leave without them. It also bothers me that the river was searched by the FBI and local...
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    Casey's Ghost Writer Breaks His Silence ...

    What is it with people who believe the words of 2 desperate defense attorney's (mason and baez), who will lie to defend their client (who is "like a Granddaughter") but think the tangible evidence and witnesses like Dr G and Dr Vass are not believable? Dr G was absolutely correct in her...
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    RIP Rick Namey - Rick Namey Guest/Letter to Trustee

    In regards to the $89,000 baez was paid, wasn't there a signed agreement between him and FCA stating that this is the only amount of money he will receive from her? I thought that's why everyone was so outraged when he filed that $500,000 bill with the bankruptcy court. I believe fca even...
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    Bankrupt Casey Anthony interviewed by KPHO CBS in Phoenix #2

    What about radaronline? I'm sure baez was feeding them stories and aren't they the ones that released the staged the Ohio pics?
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    Casey's Ghost Writer Breaks His Silence ...

    In addition to the examples you cited, just looking at the overwhelming amount of texting, instant messaging, myspace and facebook activity, it was clear that she spent next to no time with Caylee. She even bragged in one of her text messages how Caylee could get her own breakfast, and put a...
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    Casey's Ghost Writer Breaks His Silence ...

    She claimed 1 dependent? But I thought Caylee "died in the family pool" on 6/16. She can even lie on written, signed, legal documents, and get away with it. SMDH