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    2011.07.05 official verdict reading

    I am just SICK! OMG

    GUILTY AR - Jeremy Travis, 27, stabbed to death, Fort Smith, 11 Sept 2010

    Thank you for sharing your son with us on Websleuths, After learning about Jeremy tonight, I will keep Jeremysmom and loved ones in my thoughts and prayers. My heart aches for him and his children, and hope that Justice will be served.

    Vigils for Kyron

    Kyron continues to remain in my daily prayers. I have kept my avatar a silly little green tree frog for him. I hope he is found soon.

    Dante S & Christopher S. testimonies

    Wanted to show support for a fellow WS'er. :) long day...You did great.imo

    Light a Candle by Your Computer Tonight

    Sending you Light, Love, and Laughter sweet Caylee. Loving God, a candle burns in my heart and warms my soul. It never flickers. It never wanes. It is the memory of those I love who are now at home with you. I ask you to keep them close to your heart. Keep them in the bright flame of your love.

    2011.05.14 Jury Selection Day SIX (morning session)

    He posted the Jury rules on his facebook page

    Billy Lucas, 15 - Hangs himself after being bullied

    My heart goes out to this young man and his loved ones. Tragic...Rest in peace Billy

    All About KYRON ~ Pictures, Poems, Prayers, Well Wishes, Light a Candle ~

    I continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers Kyron. Many people are doing everything they can to find you sweet boy.

    Possible Break in Stacy's case - Cops planning on a search tomorrow 6/5/10

    Just heard the news... Praying that they have found Stacy. Thoughts with her family and loved ones.
  10. ROBLYN

    2010.04.19 Judge Strickland IS stepping down

    Out of lurking for this one, Wow... Well, now Caylee has the Cheif Judge watching over her case. Works for me. Hope Judge S. will take a long, well deserved vaction. Has anyone been able to find Judge Perry's birthday? Can't seem to find it.
  11. ROBLYN

    In memory of Amber Dubois

    My deepest heartfelt condolences go out to Amber's family and friends. I will continue to light a candle for Amber, may she rest in peace and may you find comfort in your precious memories. She has touched many lives.
  12. ROBLYN

    CA - Chelsea King (17) Rancho Bernardo (north San Diego County) #1

    My thoughts and prayers are with Chelsea and her family, along with the community during this very difficult time. Thank you, to those of you updating.
  13. ROBLYN

    Rewards And Donations This is a new site, hopefully the family is still working on it. There are several issues with this site. The wording and the plea to help Crystal, imo are very poorly worded. The photo's are not showing, and the site states that this is a foundation...
  14. ROBLYN

    2009.03.17 Nancy Grace

    Yep, she did! Moving on to Stacy Peterson now...
  15. ROBLYN

    2009.03.17 Nancy Grace

    St Patty's pictures of the twins...NL and the crew really need to go in on a photography lesson for NG. Birthday, Bosses Day etc...
  16. ROBLYN

    2009.03.17 Nancy Grace

    It's hard to remember everything with this circus, BUT the stuff on her own show...Come on Nancy. LP has not been gone that long...These documents have been out for awhile Playing clip of Biden on GR...Biden came out and said he mis-spoke. Ya...he sure did...oops
  17. ROBLYN

    2009.03.17 Nancy Grace

    Ok that's funny
  18. ROBLYN

    2009.03.17 Nancy Grace

    NG just said, that she thought the LA talk of being Caylee's father was trumped up by
  19. ROBLYN

    2009.03.17 Issues:w/JVM

    I have to re-watch this on dvr. I guess we have to be thankful that Haleigh is still in the news. Crystal did not hire a PI? Is this one of those, someone hired him on her behalf? She is receiving alot of credit for the new HaleighBug foundation and command center, all the while throwing...
  20. ROBLYN


    Haleigh, There are many people searching for you and praying for your return.