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    Oklahoma; tissue alert.

    Help; the wrong video keeps coming up. ????
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    Identified! NM - Shiprock, NtvAmFem found in canal, Jul'12 - Brenda Nez >>SHIPROCK, N.M. -Authorities are seeking to identify a woman whose body was found in an irrigation canal in Shiprock. The FBI says no one matching the...
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    Huge horse, young wrangler, save 8 year old from Grizzly

    I think this girl should be nominated for hero of the year:
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    NM - 6 year old kidnapped; alert neighbor

    This story is over in another thread but I don't think very many people have even seen it. It is such a good read. A 6 year old girl was abducted into a van by a stranger here in Albuquerque on Monday. The bad guy had borrowed the van, removed the back seats that day, had packing tape...