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    Europol, Stop Child Abuse – Trace an Object - help ID victims.

    This one maybe?
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    Found Deceased VA - Nicole Lovell, 13, Blacksburg, 27 January 2016 #6 *Arrests*

    They may have found it more difficult than they had envisaged because of the scar tissue NL has from previous procedures. Hate thinking about it.
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    AUS - Khandalyce Kiara Pearce, Wynarka, Bones of a Child Discovered, July'15 - #5

    Hi guys, Joined up after lurking since the first thread on this case. Total newbie to this type of forum - came across Websleuths when looking for news on this case - so will take a little time to work things out. Nothing new to add, just want to say that I admire your dedication and skills.