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    jodi arias TAKES THE STAND FOR 11TH DAY #55 *may contain graphic and adult content*

    She is showing they jury that she doesn't have respect for anyone or anything, the court included.
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    Names of Jurors just Released

    Interesting comments, both pro and con about releasing the names of jurors. Making my name available was not something that I even knew would happen at the time of jury selection. Why didn't they ask me how I felt about that, along with the other questions asked? It should be an individual...
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    Names of Jurors just Released

    I haven't read through this entire thread, but I have to say that I think it is horrible that any juror's names are ever released. I was a juror on a murder trial and I was shocked when they made me state my name and occupation in front of the gangbanger murderer his family and his gangbanger...
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    Meredith Kercher murdered-Amanda Knox Conviction Overturned #22

    My biggest problem with this case and even considering AK and RS as accomplices is trying to reconcile Rudy's implication of Amanda and Raffaelle as being the murderers with the fact that if they were there as he suggested, Meredith invited him in and they had consensual sex. How do you accept...
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    Meredith Kercher murdered-Amanda Knox Conviction Overturned #22

    Stress? My sister was in gymnastics and must have done 100 cartwheels per night for years. When our Grandmother passed away (she lived with us), after the news was given to us she went to the backyard to do cartwheels. Nobody thought it odd then and she was in college. She continued to do...
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    Where is Casey? (All things related to FCA's location) #2

    LOL, just sitting around wishing I really did look like either one of them, which I really don't, I'd be out spending my money instead of reading about KC whom I am really bored with, but have nothing better to do this evening! I was just trying to say that you can resemble someone and with a...
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    Where is Casey? (All things related to FCA's location) #2

    My thoughts exactly. I can't see any resemblance, and it is almost overkill for them to dress her in a hat that KC had been photographed in. I got on a plane one time and the stewardess came back and asked me if I wanted to sit in first class. Of course I said yes and she moved me. She later...
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    Can Casey benefit from therapy?

    KC could benefit greatly from therapy. But only if her therapist leaves the room and her purse unattended.
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    Pictures of Casey Anthony from TMZ

    I don't know how to insert a picture from my computer, but I took a picture of KC and her left ear and cropped everything but her ear, took the TMZ photo showing the left ear, matched the earlobes up for sizing and the shape of the inside of the ear aren't even close to being the same. I...
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    Pictures of Casey Anthony from TMZ

    Sorry LOL! Deleted it and if someone could tell me how to resize it, I will try! I think it really shows the difference in her ears and the ears from the TMZ photo.
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    Pictures of Casey Anthony from TMZ

    IMO this is all a set up, they drew on the moles and studied her mannerisms, sent their imitation KC out shopping (in three different outfits) and snapped the pics.
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    Pictures of Casey Anthony from TMZ

    Look at the ears. Those are not her ears, they don't stick out and the lobes don't match. Staged pics IMO, moles drawn on, knowing that we would be matching up every minor detail. Maybe I've seen too much of her because I dismissed these pics with one glance. The distance from eyebrow to...
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    Casey, "Don't worry, I haven't said anything.."

    I think it was about the fight on the 15th as well, if she said anything about it, CA and GA were smart enough to know that the fight could provide motive for the murder of Caylee and tie in to the "I'm a spiteful Biotch comment" made to Lee.
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    2011.07.09 - Per Mason, Casey is not going home

    Synoposis of what I just read in an interview with Guthrie: Mason believes that she was telling the truth when it came to being uninvolved in the death of her child. Mason met with Anthony in her home weeks before he officially became a member of the defense team. Even at that time he...
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    Exclusive: Casey's Aunt, Pam Plesea, Speaks - book being written

    Oh please! What is wrong with these people? An ex Aunt tyring to profit off of Caylee's death is even worse than a member of the immediate family. I don't believe a word she says, and highly doubt that she had or has been in contact with Shirley. Every word she's written has been speculated...
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    Did Jurors Talk About Case during Trial Against Judge's Orders?

    I've been a juror on a murder trial and it was all circumstantial evidence. We questioned not only the Juror instructions and how to apply them to each individual piece of evidence, but also had many questions about "reasonable doubt". I know that I and several other jurors even asked questions...
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    Verdict Suggests Juries are Tired of Theoretical Justice & Circumstancial Evidence

    I heard someone say on one of the talk shows that jurors should have to have enough education to understand the scientific data and that this jury couldn't put two and two together.
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    Enter new thread ideas here! (All new threads must be approved)

    Cheney Mason stated in his interview with Jean Cesaras that if the police had investigated when they responded to Roy Kronk's call on august 13th that Caylee's remains would have been found and that more evidence would have been obtained. Why did they implicate Roy Kronk in their defense if...