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    Trial 7/18/11 of Donnie Stallworth -- update: found guilty

    Interro- You are right things were quickly hushed. The truth will probably never be known. This man should not be going to a third trial, but with FL law, not anything can be done. If you watched the trial you would see they have no evidence tying him to this.
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    What do you want to personally say to the jurors?

    This has hit me hard today. I don't know why I am taking it so personal, but I just sobbed today when they played that little slide show of Caylee on Nancy Grace. I am so angry that I keep hearing that freaking alternate teacher juror guy say the didn't prove murder and he thinks it was an...
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    What do you want to personally say to the jurors?

    I would love to first put the photo of Caylee's remains on each of yours pillow so that you could lay there and see what was done to her. I was just wondering if any of you jurors listened to Jose at closing statements say that no one knew how she died. Then later he said she drowned. He...
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    For those who agree with the me understand.

    I just wonder if/when the jurors hear all the information that was not allowed to be brought into court, like the fight the night Caylee was last seen, and the million of other things, if at that time they will change their minds. I just can't wrap my head around why evidence is not allowed in...
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    2011.07.01 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Three)

    Can you guys please tell me when Casey got mad in court today and when Ashton did this, I want to see also.
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    What info did Lee A take to the defense team?

    I have a few questions and I have no idea if they belong here. First can someone tell me why they are not allowed to talk about things that Casey purchased with the stolen cards and money, even they didn't say that it was purchased with stolen money? The second is about the fight between Cindy...
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    10.20.09 Doc. Dump

    Is there phone calls from all the inmates?
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    Donnie Stallworth

    Just a little info on Donnie. First, we don't believe he had even met Gary at this time in 2005, also if they pull Donnie's military records, they will perhaps find that he was deployed during the time of that robbery also.
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    The ninth member

    really, where?
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    Donnie Stallworth

    4Kat, not sure what all the bolded THAT's were for, but I don't think anyone that knows him is sticking up for him saying, oh well, he is a good guy so we should let him off the hook. Like I said, he will pay the price for what he did, he turned himself in, and we now just have to wait and see...
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    Donnie Stallworth

    I was not going to say anything, but I can't help it. I know this family very well, and I think a great deal of them. Vespa, you stated that he should have been focusing more on his family and military career. He did give up everything to focus on them. He was working two jobs, and he didn't...
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    Couple who adopted 12 children shot to death #3

    Did anyone just see the press conf, about the contents of the safe?
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    Couple who adopted 12 children shot to death #2

    Him writing that has nothing to do with this case. He wrote that long before this happened.
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    2009.04.06 Document Release

    I can't stand to watch her. I have only watched the first part of the first one so far. She doesn't even try to fake that she is upset about missing Caylee, it is always just like another day with her. She is trying so hard to seem easy going, asking a few smart as* questions, but not a worry...
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    Deposition Questions that could be telling for the Anthony's

    Thanks for answering that for me. I understand now. To tell you the truth, I have not read much about her case and what Lee said until this thread. All this time I was wondering what exactly her case would be. Thanks again!
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    Deposition Questions that could be telling for the Anthony's

    I am confused about ZFG anyway, and hope some can shed some light for me. First, I understand her claim of what has happened to her life since this all began and her name was brought into it. I guess I just do not understand what Lee or any of the others are going to offer her in court? With...
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    FL-Amber alert Destin

    Some people said they saw it go across our news. I am thinking it was a hoax. I have not heard one thing about it. Weird
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    FL-Amber alert Destin

    I have received an amber alert on my phone for a child taken in Destin FL. They are looking for a new silver truck. My neighbor and some others also got it, but I cannot find anything online about it or on tv. Does anyone know how to tell if it is real?
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    Casey's IM's with Iassen & Tony R (in entirety)

    I have been reading and reading, but I want to get straight on who is who. Mh, Iassen, AR. Mh- was he the military guy that had pics of him in his uniform in a hotel? Who is Iassen? AR- was this the cop that got fired? Thx