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    IA IA - Polk Co, WhtFem UP10846, 19-25, in Des Moines River, ''Avon'' medallion, May'80

    Looking at the jewellery, is it possible that she was a Wiccan? I am a Wiccan and I have seen ankhs frequently, so I know what I mean. I'm not sure how widespread Wicca would have been in rural Iowa more than forty years ago.
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    MA MA - Molly Bish, 16, Warren, 27 Jun 2000

    Why wasn't his DNA in CODIS? This case may have been solved much sooner if it had been.
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    UK UK - Charlene Downes, 14, Blackpool England, Nov 2003

    I remember reading that article. I was eleven years old and it scared the life out of me. Charlene just seems to have been let down by everyone. That's what predators look for.
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    MO MO - Marilyn Milligan, 11, Lexington, MO, June 1977

    Why haven't we heard about this girl? Has she been ruled out as the Campbell County Jane Doe, given the relatively close proximity?
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    TX TX - Deanna Merryfield, 13, Killeen, 22 July 1990 - #4

    Something similar happened with Colleen Osborn. I think you should try to submit her anyway.
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    CA California-Christine May Gregg,18, Sacramento, June 16, 1976

    Quite a few reconstructions didn't look like the deceased, either.
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    Deceased/Not Found CA - Michaela Garecht, 9, Hayward, 19 Nov 1988 *ARREST*

    I would also like to add the following. Kathy Ann Miramontes, 25, murdered in Union City in March 1982. Police reopen brutal 1982 Fremont cold case killing Sally Anne Schneider, 25, missing from San Anselmo in February 1984. Sally Anne Schneider – The Charley Project Stephanie Praszker, 28...
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    TN TN - Jellico, Big Wheel Gap Rd, WhtFem 9-15, 482UFTN, button necklace, bracelet, shoes, Apr'85

    I wondered if this girl and Cheatham County Jane Doe were mother and daughter.
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    OR OR - Vicki Hollar, 24, Eugene, 20 Aug 1973

    I wonder if this has been mentioned before, but with all of the vehicles being recovered from deep water, is it entirely possible that Vicki drove into a river or pond? It's one thing to get rid of a body, but a car is a different matter. If Bundy or Forrest or whoever might have been...
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    CA CA - JOSEPH NASO, once a suspect in NY Alphabet Murders, now on trial in California

    If he went to London, could there be a possibility that he murdered Jean Townsend?
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    NY Long Island Serial Killer

    If you feel as if you need to tell, go ahead.
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    KY KY - Redhead Murders, 70's-90's

    I do not think that this possibility has been suggested before, so I will now. Could be be entirely possible that the Cheatham County Jane Doe and the Campbell County Jane Doe are mother and daughter? It would explain why it has been so hard to identify them, as we were looking for missing...
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    PA PA - Philadelphia, 'Boy in the Box', WhtMale 4-6, 4UMPA, Feb'57 #2

    Sorry about that. I think things worked differently in Germany.
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    Found Deceased CA - Terri Lynn Hollis, 11, Torrance, 23 Nov 1972, *Genealogy Case solved on 12 Sep 2019*

    Does anyone think that the killer could be linked to the disappearance of Mikelle Biggs? He lived in Maricopa County, Arizona, which I believe is where she disappeared. She was also an eleven-year-old riding a bicycle. If we knew more about where and when he lived, this could help us.
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    PA PA - Philadelphia, 'Boy in the Box', WhtMale 4-6, 4UMPA, Feb'57 #2

    I an unsure if this has been mentioned before. If the boy's birth was recorded, but not his death, it suddenly got me thinking. Since he was the right age, his family (or caretakers) may have eventually have received a summons for Vietnam. The idea came to me after re-reading an account from a...
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    IN IN - Burger Chef murders, Speedway, 17 Nov 1978

    This might be a long shot, but is it possible that this case might have been committed by Harry Greenwell, the recently identified I-65 killer?
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    IN IN - Paula Garrett, 22, Muncie, 24 March 1979

    Does anyone know where Tommy Lynn Sells was at this point? He was fifteen years old, but left home the year before.
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    FL FL - Rose Ann Hockenson, 14, Naranja, 14 Feb 1973

    Why isn't her case more well known?
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    VA VA - Sherry Lynn Quinn, 17, Woodbridge, 5 Sept 1980

    Does anyone else think that her case could be connected to the Lyon sisters?
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    MI Dennis Bowman, Western Michigan, 1970's to 2012

    It certainly looks as if he could be responsible for more homicides. Do we know where he used to be sent to?