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    Searching for Anna

    Happy birthday Anna.
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    IA IA - Vivian Robbins 'Miracle Baby', Dysart, 1920 - Whose baby?

    You did very good without any access! One great free genealogy research site is That's where I found her marriage record. It also has many birth and death records, and most of the Census records. I kept thinking about both little girls all day; the news sure didn't seem...
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    IA IA - Vivian Robbins 'Miracle Baby', Dysart, 1920 - Whose baby?

    Here is another article. It says that the "spiritual medium" told the mother that the new baby would die too, unless she were strictly obedient. - Really can't stand this Wheeler con artist. And here is a two page article with lots of pictures and information about the popularity of...
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    IA IA - Vivian Robbins 'Miracle Baby', Dysart, 1920 - Whose baby?

    I just notice that in one of the article's it mentions that Mr Wheeler, the farmhand, went to Chicago to get the spiritualist, his wife. (Cenus record says they were both born in Illinois) It also says that the Wheeler's had 3 relatives with them on the trip to California. But I don't think...
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    IA IA - Vivian Robbins 'Miracle Baby', Dysart, 1920 - Whose baby?

    Snipped - In 1920 the family is with some Wheeler's in Monroe, Iowa. They are named as James O Wheeler, hired man, and his wife Sylvia M Wheeler. The initials don't match but it must be the same couple? They're almost twice the age of the Robbins family (41 vs 25). -Vivian, VCR, was...
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    IA IA - Vivian Robbins 'Miracle Baby', Dysart, 1920 - Whose baby?

    She is with the Robbins in Iowa state, 1925. And with the brother, father and his parents (grandparents) in Iowa, 1930. And lodging alone, working as a drugstore fountain clerk in Iowa, 1940. Cases like these are fun to work but how awful for the parents of both Vivian's! We can hope she was...
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    MO - Authorities raid man's home, find 66 child *advertiser censored* videos, St Louis

    No, not missing children. Exploited children. Videos of exploited children... ones who have already been identified from previous cases.
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    GA GA - Atlanta, WhtFem 172UFGA, 30-40, Jesus tattoo on hand, Jan'88

    Unfortunately, Nancy has already been ruled out, along with 9 others. + the tat on this uid was on the top back of her hand and it clearly reads as "JESUS"; not on the knuckles like Nancy's tat of "Jenfr".
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    GUILTY TX - Zoe Campos, 18, murdered, Lubbock, 17 Nov 2013 *Arrest*

    Too many missing women/girls and unsolved murders of women in or near Lubbock.
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    Thanks, it's good to learn something new today!
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    Got ya. I got this post notice in my feed an have no idea what GFS or models are... I was thinking fashion models and crime and shaking my head in confusion lol.
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    Huh? lol, I'm confused.
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    GUILTY CO - John Snorsky for attempted kidnapping of 8yo girl, Aurora, 2013

    Not everything makes the news. In one of the upscale suburbs of Denver there has recently been a perp approaching young boys on school grounds. During recess. During lunch breaks. On the playground. Yet, no news stories about this extremely bold behavior :(
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    Ufologist gets to the bottom of alien probe

    "Please bend over and wink," said Dr. Alien. ;)
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    NC - Shaniya Davis 5, Antoniette Davis pleaded guilty to 2nd Degree murder!

    It's just par for the norm in almost every trial; a standard objection put in place for the inevitable appeals after conviction. I'm glad this sorry excuse for a mother is finally going to trial.
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    I admit it...I read Cracked

    You misunderstood or misread my post. JonBenet's case is obscure *worldwide*. The Cracked article list is a *worldwide* list. Not just America. - Also my suggestions (Dr Shepard, etc.) were for an American list. I didn't exclude JonBenet, I actually said she'd be in the top 20 for America...
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    I admit it...I read Cracked

    I read Cracked too, and have since I was 12yo LOL. I don't agree that JonBenet should be on that list, but maybe in a top 20 list. She is just one little girl from one town in one state in one country, one among many who have been mysteriously murdered (sadly). It's not a well known (any...
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    Jackson/Jack Son

    Looks like "Jack's on" to me.
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    TX - Assaulted, priest denies knowledge of beer, condoms, lube jelly in motel room

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...