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  1. bleuboy

    Netherlands - Gino van der Straeten, 9, didn't return from playground, found deceased, Kerkrade, 1 Jun 2022 *Arrest*

    i think there has been an update now since you posted. Still, its another death that the family have to come to terms with. Gino's sisters have really had a devastating few years. The...
  2. bleuboy

    WV - 3 accused of locking 2-year old twin boys in feces-covered room - May 10, 2023

    here is the facebooks for the 3 of them mum Lylee Gillenwater husband Log into Facebook boyfriend Log into Facebook
  3. bleuboy

    PA - Father convicted in death of malnourished 3-year old girl; child's stepmom and her sister also charged, May, 12, 2023

    Reading that story has made me so angry. im also shocked that the girlfriend has been charged with deviant sexual behaviour to a minor. What in the world is it coming to.
  4. bleuboy

    SC - Tailor Parsons, charged w/homicide by child abuse, 2 yr old daughter drowned in pool, Pee Dee, Darlington Co, 2 May 2023

    after looking further she does say mother of 2 really because ???? doesnt live with her, but she does still have 2 in diapers at that time
  5. bleuboy

    SC - Tailor Parsons, charged w/homicide by child abuse, 2 yr old daughter drowned in pool, Pee Dee, Darlington Co, 2 May 2023

    ive looked down her facebook and it does say she is a mother of 3 on 28th aug 2021, she does have a son around 2 years old. Im sure we will find out more soon.
  6. bleuboy

    MI - Girl, 8, escapes abduction attempt, brother hits suspect in head with slingshot, Alpena, May '23 *17yo charged*

    that boy should be very proud of himself. Very brave lad. Im so glad this was prevented. Its not often enough that a victim escapes and its a happy ending.
  7. bleuboy

    IL - Girl, 10, 4th grader, brings *mom’s (corrections officer) semiautomatic handgun to Richton Park school, 10 May 2023 *arrest*

    I'm really glad i don't live in a country were guns are allowed. I know a lot of Americans like the fact that they can defend themselves but i would be scared to death. And now kids are taking these guns into schools more often. I was also be scared of my kids going to school. We have a lot of...
  8. bleuboy

    AL - Jameela Biggs and Antonio Martin charged with murder of 3-month old baby - May 11, 2023

    these cases really make me mad. How an any human being hurt a 3 month old baby.I will never understand the mind set.
  9. bleuboy

    NE NE - Ryan Larsen, 11, with autism, La Vista, 17 May 2021

    With it saying he loves to hide, my first thought was that he had got into one of them big dumpsters. I dont know if land fill was ever searched but my mind keeps going to that. There was a case with a man named Corrie McKeague who was last seen on CCTV near a large dumpster and i think he got...
  10. bleuboy

    Found Deceased SC - Harlee Lane Lewis, 11 months, Chesterfield County, 29 May 2018 *arrest*

    Its going to be really hard to get rid or the back logs in some of these cases. It is very unusual not to have hearings though. Even if they are just for continuations. Its like they have forgot about harlee.
  11. bleuboy

    Guinea Pig Village

    they are a lot more intelligent than people realize. All mine are litter trained and i have made a little door at the bottom of my living room door to come and go upstairs when they want lol.. I must admit my furries are spoiled lol..
  12. bleuboy

    AZ - Jesse Wilson, 10, Buckeye, 17 July 2016 *arrest in 2022*

    Justice has been a long time coming for Jesse. Im really disappointed they cannot bring murder charges but i am thankful for ANY charges at this point. I felt like she was getting on with her life with not a thought about Jesse.
  13. bleuboy

    Guinea Pig Village

    i have 9 guinea pigs and am in the middle of re-doing one of my pig rooms. They are so interactive and full of personality. Them and my 7 rabbits and dog and cat keep me busy lol..
  14. bleuboy

    NC - McKenzie Sessoms, 11, murdered, Salemburg, 6 Sept 2013 *suspect in custody*

    im also wondering why pages of the autopsy are missing. On the last page it says no sperm detected. I wonder if DNA was found there. It also says she was sexually assaulted by her uncle when 7 years old. What i find most horrific is the autopsy says the asphyxia happened at a different time than...
  15. bleuboy

    UK - Gaia Pope, 19, found deceased, Swanage, Dorset, 7 Nov 2017 #2

    i really dont understand how or why the coroner has told the jury not to take into account the mistakes made my dorset police. The police really failed Gaia and her family. Its really shocked me hearing all the mistakes that were made. If they cannot take them into account what was the point in...
  16. bleuboy

    Belize - Faye Lin Cannon, 13, brutally slain, San Pedro, 3 July 2017 *American parents arrested*

    i cannot find anything up to date about when this goes to trial. faye needs justice.
  17. bleuboy

    CONVICTION OVERTURNED GA - Ross Harris Trial Appeal, hot car death of son, Cooper

    i agree that the 4 blown up size photo's of his erect p***S did not need to be shown to the jury, im sure most know what that looks like without being shown. The sexting WAS a major factor in the decision RH made by turning right. In my opinion he didnt forget to take copper to day care he CHOSE...
  18. bleuboy

    FL - Nubia Barahona, 10, slain, twin injured, West Palm Beach, 11 Feb 2011 *Arrest*

    It truly is ridiculous how more is done for the person how has took Nubia's life than anyone cared for Nubia. This should not be allowed. I'm sure he wouldn't be doing this if he had to pay for his own lawyers
  19. bleuboy

    MI - Boy, 3, found dead in freezer, Detroit, 2022 *mother arrested*

    So very sad. Its sounds like the family was known to social services and people did report the situation. I would be interested in finding out how many reports where made and why nobody did anything to help these children before now.