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  1. laini

    PA PA - Martha Mertz, 47, Lancaster, 22 June 1961

    Could she be the Annandale Jane Doe found in a cemetery? The middle photo of Martha on her Charley Project page really resembles this Jane Doe.
  2. laini

    MD - Freddie Gray dies in police custody #1

    Does anybody remember the basketball player that headbutted a wall or something and ended up paralyzed? I wonder if something similar to this is what happened.
  3. laini

    GUILTY TX - Alanna Gallagher, 6, Saginaw, 1 July 2013 - #6

    I can see a teenager having a panicky "oh no!" type cry at seeing a body, if that makes sense. Maybe not actually crying and sobbing, but cried out in shock.
  4. laini

    GUILTY CA - Leila Fowler, 8, murdered, 12yo charged, Valley Springs, 27 Apr 2013 - #1

    Didn't Tommy Sells also break into a home just to stab two girls? I think one died and one survived. No real motive other than wanting to kill if I remember correctly.
  5. laini

    Explosion at the Boston Marathon #3

    Bomb scene one has the flags and the deep metal structure that you can see being pulled away by many people to get to the unjured. This is where I see Jeff and Krystal in the before and after pics. Bomb scene two only has a metal fence with the garbage can and possibly planted bag in before...
  6. laini

    Explosion at the Boston Marathon #3

    My understanding is the Martin family was at the second bomb and Krystal a the first bomb site. The pictures seem to support this. (the flags at the first bomb site, the metal railing at the second bomb site)
  7. laini

    Anthony's Computer Forensics

    Could someone explain this to me in very simple terms? Am I understanding correctly that chloroform was only searched once, and the 84 times was that the same site was visited 84 times through myspace? Or she didn't even visit it 84 times, and it was just a computer glitch thing? Did the...
  8. laini

    Casey and Family Psych Profile #11

    Any ideas why Casey has such hatred for her dad? I was reading the "lip reading" thread and it got me wondering this. I don't believe the sexual abuse story. Do you think it's just because he wouldn't lie for her? Or because he tried to catch her lies for a year before Caylee disappeared...
  9. laini

    2011.07.03 Sidebar Thread

    In the defense's attempt to prove sexual abuse, I wonder why they didn't have an expert to talk about how molestation can lead to promiscuity and other issues ICA has, families secrets so that is why she never told anyone, etc.... I think the defense might have a shot at convincing some of the...
  10. laini

    2011.06.06 TRIAL Day Eleven (Afternoon Session)

    Does this trial and Baez remind anyone else of that scene in Liar Liar when Jim Carey goes "Objection your honor", the Judge says "Why?", and Carey goes "Because it's devastating to my case!" Judge says "Overruled." Carey: "Good call!" LOL well, the "Good Call" doesn't remind me of this case.
  11. laini

    AR AR - Whitehall Motel in El Dorado, WhtFem, 81UFAR, 18-21, Jul'91 - #2 - Kelly from VA

    I think she looks a lot like Cathleen Marie Martin - the eyes, mouth, everything. But the ages would be off a bit. What does everyone else thing? The above youtube video is heartbreaking.
  12. laini

    GUILTY Spain - Jennifer Mills-Westley, 60, decapitated, Tenerife, CI, 13 May 2011

    Didn't this just happen somewhere else, almost the same details?
  13. laini

    NY-LI-4 bodies on Beach-Possible SK-12/10-All id'd,4 more found 3/11 #4

    Any thoughts on the body of the child found, who it might be? That is really bothering me. I also wonder if there is a chance of these crimes getting their own section here on websleuths. I'm having a hard time keeping everything straight. I don't even know where to look for the questions...
  14. laini

    Resolved FL - Port St Joe, 2 Children 96UMFL & 66UFFL, bound & gagged in photo, Jun'89

    If you go to this thread---> OSBI Needs Help to Identify Woman Found In Photo - the last page of the discussion tells where LE thinks the photo came from. Sorry to drag the subject away. Back to the photo being discussed here...
  15. laini

    Resolved FL - Port St Joe, 2 Children 96UMFL & 66UFFL, bound & gagged in photo, Jun'89

    The photo of the deceased-appearing woman, if I remember correctly, was thought to be solved. Does anybody else remember this? I thought it was something to do with Iraq and a soldier? I wish I could find the link to the discussion here on websleuths - it was very long.
  16. laini

    If the plan was to be seen at the school.....

    Our schools' locked doors don't have an alarm - none of them.
  17. laini

    MN - Jacob Wetterling, 11, St. Joseph, 22 Oct 1989 - #2

    I don't either. I was just responding to cocentric's post that he likely is a pedo or gay because he still lives at home. (not the exact wording of his/her post). I didn't mean being gay had anything to do with being criminal.
  18. laini

    MN - Jacob Wetterling, 11, St. Joseph, 22 Oct 1989 - #2

    I think you may be correct in this case. However, I just wanted to add that I think there are other reasons an adult would still live at home. I know several people who have lived with parents through adulthood, and they aren't criminal. Some people do a lot to help their parents out. (I...
  19. laini

    MN - Jacob Wetterling, 11, St. Joseph, 22 Oct 1989 - #1

    Why would LE collect dna? What would they compare it to? Any ideas?
  20. laini

    MN - Jacob Wetterling, 11, St. Joseph, 22 Oct 1989 - #1

    This is what I was thinking! I would think he wouldn't have been able to hide Jacob and not be caught at that time. No evidence on him/ his property and the dogs didn't trace him further on the property? That's why I think it's unlikely, but who knows. Wonder where they are digging up.